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Megan Fox is big Mortal Kombat fan

Megan Fox has confessed to being "badass" at Mortal Kombat.

"I have that down and I don't cheat", she says of the famous fighting game series. "That game just works well with my brain. The way my brain fires signals works well with how that game works. And I'm just really good."

She also mentions being a fan of Viva Piñata and all the games in the Lego series. (Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe, Xbox 360)

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KionicWarlord222  +   1912d ago
Megan fox please mortal combat my "brains".

I bet she plays as jade...
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Sunny_D  +   1912d ago
Lol, I would love her to KOMBAT something of mine all right, if you know what I mean! :)
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slinkey123  +   1912d ago

You would like her to KOMBAT your penis?
GameGambits  +   1912d ago
Megan Fox ... you can touch me. :)
actas123  +   1912d ago
can we stop posting those whores gaming affiliations. I mean who gives the damn if she like this or that. She is a f**in prostitute for god sakes!
poopface1  +   1912d ago
lOL above me are you a girl
because usually only girls attack other girls in such a fashion.

I didnt realize she was a prostitute. I thought the was just some hot girl in a movie.
AKNAA  +   1912d ago
"That game just works well with my brain. The way my brain fires signals works well with how that game works. And I'm just really good."

out of all my years of playing video games, I've never thought once of a certain game "working well with my brain?!" LOl!
On another note, Sex is on my mind 90% of the time, any day, everyday.
which explains why I checked out this megan fox article.
fllysurfer  +   1912d ago
Megan Fox into gaming...
I´m certainly not concerned with her brain ...
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fllysurfer  +   1912d ago
Megan Fox into gaming...
... wonder if she likes playing with a joystick or ... other devices?
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AKNAA  +   1912d ago
I think she'll like..
The dual shock controller.
DevastationEve  +   1912d ago
my mom was into mortal kombat back then...and it was funny too, i was like 9 or 10 and she would be saying all these funny phrases in puerto rican spanish "matarlo, cortarle la cabeza!"

some fun memories, lol.
Syronicus  +   1912d ago
Can you imagine the look on her face...
When Sony unveiled their new motion controller? I bet she had the big O face going on.
littletad  +   1912d ago
"The way my brain fires signals works well with how that game works."

Hey... well, at least she's pretty.
Winter47th  +   1912d ago
Turns out at least she liked something in our planet.
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-MD-  +   1912d ago
Megan Fox is a Rare fan? How YOU doin?
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pumpkinpunker  +   1912d ago
i got a Pinata in my pants, Megan...Viva!
condorstrike  +   1912d ago

seriously Megan, get over here, and I'll quite the noises in your brains, and I'll teach you my finishing move.

Sorry...LOL...I had to, It's Megan Fox, come on...:P
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user858621  +   1912d ago
she cud blow me a fireball fatality anyday ;)
hay  +   1912d ago
Dunno what's more lame. Her sentences or horny geeks throwing sexual innuendos...
Final_Rpg  +   1912d ago
Don't blame 'em! She is so damn hot!
Rock Bottom  +   1912d ago
Megan Fox: That game just works well with my brain.
Haha, retarded things go along really well with each others.
Jack_Burton  +   1912d ago
I swear, I am in love with this chick.. to bad no chance in hell. At least a game of good ol Mortal Kombat 2 with Megan the Fox would let me die happy.
evildeli  +   1912d ago
Toe thumbs
How can she even grip the controller with her short, stubby, toe thumbs?
bjornbear  +   1912d ago
She has toe thumbs?! =O
Wow...never knew...totally random!

Still, i'd let her moral combat me anyday =D
idiealot  +   1912d ago
Mortal kombat died in the 90s. It will never make a comeback. If she is a Rare fan maybe she convince them to make that killer instinct already...... Then that would be considered news.
Avenged Sevenfold  +   1912d ago
I'd let her do illegal things to me...
IronChefWong  +   1912d ago
I'd let her execute fatalities on my joystick.
Bengoshi-San  +   1912d ago
She is nice eye-candy, but am I the only one tired of the excess of news coverage surrounding her?
MetalGearBear  +   1912d ago
megan fox is lied.
ToriQ  +   1912d ago
so the hell what
Kinetix  +   1912d ago
she's just interested in gaming now so shia can bone her.
Kakihara  +   1912d ago
I'm quite impressed. You wouldn't think she'd have time to play games what with all those movie premieres, after parties, meetings with her publicist about how to make herself appear different to the typical Hollywood starlet by name checking some classic games everyone has heard of that she's never really played etc.
glennc  +   1912d ago
it's funny to listen to geeks when a good looking girl is mentioned.

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