Is Call of Duty's Perk System Broken?

Keith @ writes:

"I am not sure how I can effectively say the point I am trying to get across with this question. I have played my fair share of the past two Call of Duty games and both are done quite well. The biggest addition in COD4 as we all know was the ability to create custom classes, but I feel the "Perk System" is a bit unbalanced, and at times I wonder why the system is even in place."

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Whiskers3232d ago

Call Of Duty is broken,correct.

ape0073232d ago

cod is broken?

if cod is broken what else is not?

poopface13231d ago (Edited 3231d ago )

it isnt broken. I have migrated from using perks that help me kill durring death like martyrdom and stuff like taht to ones that help you kill because I dont die much anymore. To me, anyone who complains about unbalance is most likely piss poor at the game. I play alot of CS source so cod 4 is like a joke to me. It is really easy to win a match all by yourself in cod4, you dont need to even have a decent team if your good enough.

Ive never had any problem with the perk system because everyone has the same choices and I believe thing like martyrdom and laststand are totaly a waste of a perk when you are fighting me, cause that crap wont work 99% of the time.

I dont see how it can be unbalanced if we all get the same options, unless you are bad at the game. I dont even have the game anymore and I can still go 25-5 easily when I play it at my friends, so I really wouuldnt notice anyways.

3 perks Ive used since DEC 2007:
1) stopping power
2) bandoleer(xtra ammo)
3) steady aim

EDIT__ BELOW --- hell yeah GRUNTY. I like your style. Except I always use the m4 with a red dot scope. Those are the best 3 perks in the game tho for someone who doesnt die alot.

XxSpiiKeZxX3231d ago

I have to say Juggernaut is HORRIBLE and only PU$$YZ use it
the perk system is grea but at times it feels like somene is overpowering u and other times u feel like the king

ugly13232d ago

Uncharcrack 2 is better than COD

You Already Know3232d ago

the two games can't be compared with one another...

1st person shooter vs action/adventure

Tachyon_Nova3231d ago

You Already Know, you are correct in saying that Uncharted 2 and COD can't be compared, but not because they are different genres. The reason they can't be compared is because Uncharted 2 isn't out yet. There is no reason that you can't compare games from different genres in terms of quality. For example, Killzone 2 is unquestionably a better game than Cricket 2006. inFamous is undoubtedly a better game than Far Cry 2.

outlawlife3232d ago

this guys logic is extremely failed

the only weapon power/health mods available are available at the beginning of the game, anything else that may give you an advantage is later available but replaces one of these

the perks system is perfectly balanced, cod4 couldn't be anymore noob friendly, this guys is just talking out his backside

he says nobody uses anything but stopping power and juggernaut, maybe he doesn't but a whole lot of people have come up with different combinations and have been extremely successful

in my opinion this guy just isnt good at call of duty so he is blaming the perks

Tachyon_Nova3231d ago

I'd say you are right there, but I do agree with him. I found, especially in COD 5 that three things lessened the fun i had playing the game.

1: Dogs - on HC, it takes 1 bullet to kill a human, and at least 2 to kill a dog. wtf? And no, I'm not a noob who gets constantly owned by them, but i just think that it lowered the hardcoreness of hardcore.

2: Perks - didn't really overpower or give an unfair balance, realistically its not too hard to get to level 65 in under two days. However, they just took too much away from the shooting aspect of the game, which really should be what the game, being a shooter should be about afterall.

3: A small problem, but still pretty dumb. They may have fixed this since I played it, but I'm not sure. Why, when you get to level 65, and choose to go back to level 1 do you loose your awards, and only get an extra place for a kit.
Other than these things, pretty good game, although I shall be considering not purchasing Modern Warfare 2 given the quality of the other games coming out this year.

Boody-Bandit3231d ago (Edited 3231d ago )

Needs a lot of work from their site structure to their articles. This is the 3rd article I have read from their site and so far I am unimpressed.

I agree with outlawlife.
This sounds more like whining from someone that probably struggles with the game online then a legitimate gripe. The only disadvantage I found is when you are just starting out or right after you prestige. COD4 and WAW might not be perfectly balanced but the perks, when used correctly, do balance out nicely for the most part.

The only perk I'm not crazy about is the grenade perk but they are only a problem on congested maps like the wetworks in COD4. Common sense and a little strategy (map knowledge) goes a long way with these two titles.

Personally I can't wait for Modern Warfare 2 and I hope the perk system stays intact. Some tweaks are always welcome but I hope they don't change it too drastically, if at all.

primordialmeme3231d ago (Edited 3231d ago )

If it's just new maps and a couple new perks thrown in I won't be impressed with MW2. But that's what I'm expecting, from the publisher that gave us the Tony Hawk and Guitar Hero franchises.

IdleLeeSiuLung3231d ago

This is Infinity Ward we are talking about. They had 2 years to create this game so I'm almost certain it is going to be good and include a host of new things.

LukaX233231d ago (Edited 3231d ago )

If the system were broken, then COD4 it wouldn't have been as popular as it had been when it was originally released in 07.

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