Evil Avatar: Red Faction: Guerrilla Review

Evil Avatar writes: "I'm a big fan of the original Red Faction games. The first in particular was a game ahead of its time. Between the world altering Geo-Mod technology, intriguing story and excellent FPS gameplay it is one of the most unappreciated games of the last generation. Red Faction 2 followed a different path with the gameplay heading to Earth and providing similar spills without the same thrills. Regardless the pair of games are a strong lineage but unfortunately one that I feel this new game, Red Faction Guerrilla, doesn't make much of a contribution to."

The Good

* The destruction model is certainly a step in the right direction and impressive in parts.
* There's plenty to do, regardless of the quality there is enough content here for a 20 hour game.
* The handling model makes for some bouncy vehicular fun across the surface of Mars.

The Bad

* There are also glaring holes in the destruction mechanics. No terrain deformation and buildings that remain standing against the normally unrelenting rule of gravity.
* Poor story which, especially compared to its predecessors, provides only flimsy motivation to play.
* Weak presentation – music is wimpy, visuals are bland and Mars is devoid of intrigue or discovery.
* The world and upgrade system offer little depth or exploration. This is the wrong kind of sandbox.

The Ugly

* Rubbish mission design – cookie cutter objectives duplicated time and again.

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