No Monster Hunter at E3 ? Capcom explains why

LiveWii : " Even we would have loved to have a closer look to the Western reactions after the Eastern ones, Monster Hunster Tri wasn't at E3, the good pupil having apparently decided to leave the scene to Tatsunoko VS Capcom or Spyborgs. Now that the E3 is over, Capcom tries to explain why : "Monster Hunter is actually between cycles. That is why we haven't show the games during E3. But be prepared to hear more Monster Hunters around 8/1".

What can we think about that ?

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qface643359d ago

all i know is that i just hope it releases this year
i want this game bad

FinalomegaS3359d ago

I am so buying Tri~

I have my squad of friend ready, we just need a release date.