Uncharted 2 Beta has been updated

PS3-Sense writes: "For some lucky people, we have little news about the multiplayer beta of Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. Of course, the beta has some bugs and can make things to be tweaked..."

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GiantEnemyCrab3449d ago

ohhh nice! Time for me to try again and see if this fixes the freeze I was having.

MGOelite3449d ago

you fail... only problem this game has it takes years to "find players"

hey just like GOW2, who would have thunked it

itchy183449d ago


WildArmed3449d ago

freeze? ok.. u tried the wrong thing bro.
Its called Uncharted 2 beta xD

oh and the matchmaking doesnt take long.
If it takes more than 15secs, just hit O n then Find game again.
It should find u a game within seconds.

Hallucinate3449d ago

lol your so full of sh1t GEC there are no freezes

Elvfam5113449d ago

but that isnt a issue its my ps3 restarting everytime i quit it

taco_tom2373449d ago

the only problem i have is when i quit the game and it restarts the ps3

NIGHT_HAWK32103449d ago

the reason it cant find players is that there are only like 1900 people online. of course its going to take awhile when there arent that many people playing.

this game makes me think that this is what gears of war was supposed to be online, until everyone turned into shotgun whores.

dogmeat eater3449d ago

and you defiantly don't have the beta. Stop making up rumors bot.

Hockey113448d ago

Crab has a ps3 and he has the beta. In fact he had an extra code he gave away.

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ultimolu3449d ago

Loving the beta but I'm curious as to why my PS3 keeps restarting after I quit the demo...x.x

CSM-101e3449d ago

i've been in most of the beta's, and they all reset my PS3 when it was quitin time.

Blaze9293449d ago

Ok sweet, I thought there was actually something wrong with my PS3 but glad to know I'm not the only one this is happening to. When I turn off the PS3 straight from the demo it takes forever then does the little beep beep beep thing.

ultimolu3449d ago

Yeah scared me for a second there. o.o

pixelsword3449d ago

It appears to be truncated code, if I'm not mistaken; so it's like running down a road and suddenly the road disappears and there's nothing but rough rocks, so you trip and fall.

Did I kill any of you yet?

Rofflecopter3449d ago

Yep, it's happened to me in every beta I've been in as well. Except the Call of Duty 5 beta that is.. but that beta sucked..

Dark General3449d ago (Edited 3449d ago )

But I think the multiplayer beta is uninteresting and very mediocre. It has no feeling to it for me and the gunplay is very ho hum and cookie cutter. The only thing that's good (to me) is the scaling you can do for just about every building in the level. But I think Uncharted 2 should have stayed single player only with just some coop. I have to try out the coop but I'll get to it this weekend. Hopefully it can redeem the beta. Uncharted just isn't one of those "multiplayer" games and is a fantastic single player experience only.

This is coming from a HUGE Uncharted lover. Uncharted: Drakes fortune is my favorite game of this gen. Bar none.

GameGambits3449d ago

I wish there was ranking boards for the beta lol. I've gone 36 kills and 5 deaths in 1 game. 20 kills and 1 death in another.

Keep your eyes out for OutlawOcelot. He hurts people! ;D

El_Colombiano3449d ago


I have to agree with you there on half of your comment. I think the multiplayer is nice, if not great. But I also think this game should have stayed SP and co-op that it has now. This is coming from a guy who doesn't prefere MP over SP though, so I'm part of the minority this generation of consoles.

Dark General3449d ago (Edited 3449d ago )

I just finished playing some Coop with a associate of mines and it's pretty fun. Graphics are amazing. I wish there was more exploration though for the entire group in the set pieces, and the treasures would stand out from ammo a bit more. Hopefully in the full game the coop mode will have a good amount of coop puzzle solving. I really liked the coop quite a bit. It could use a few more dimensions to it but it IS just a small snippet of what's to come. Can't wait to play it with my girlfriend assuming there's offline coop as well. And if there isn't I'll play with a few online buds.

@Colombiano: That's how I feel as well. I prefer single player only games to multiplayer or games with single and multiplayer. But I can't help but feel like the competitive multiplayer is generic. I'm sure the single player will be fantastic and after playing the coop I'm sure the coop will be quite excellent as well. But the multiplayer? It'll be a pass in my book. The Single player and Coop though? Gimme gimme. I think Elena will make a surprise appearance judging by the fact she has a skin for the beta. I liked Elena alot in the original Uncharted. Interesting note I'm the only person who I know that's played the beta and doesn't like it (the multiplayer portion).

The Hunter3449d ago

Simple, if you are in the beta, choose a video to watch, then you go out the video ;)

This is a little help for now, we must still wait for Naughty Dog to fix the problem!

ofx3603449d ago

@ Dark

What's wrong with MP? It's still a great single player game but now it has MP. I really don't see this as a negative.

FamilyGuy3449d ago (Edited 3449d ago )

Mine out right shuts down EVERY time i've "Quit Game" on the beta LOL

It was great that they extended the play time by making it 50 kills over 25 and 5 loots over 3. It really made things more fun

One thing they should do is change the default screen brightness, When i was first playing every time i went to a dark area i couldnt see and would blindly get killed in those areas but then someone reminded me of the brightness controls in the options menu and i just cranked it to the limit and now the ENTIRE GAME looks worlds better and i thought it looked good before...

The maximum level should be the default with the option to go brighter than that.

Another thing id want is 1 hit headshot kills. I don't know if it's just this way for the beta but even with a sniper-like weapon it takes at least two hits to kill someone that's at full health.

Dark General3449d ago

What's wrong with the multiplayer for Uncharted 2 (well judging by the beta that is) for me is that it's uninteresting. I was expecting something more unique and original but it's just regular and plain just set in Uncharted maps. It doesn't have any "feeling" to it for me. And that makes it mediocre. After playing it I would have rather them put more resources in the single player/coop and just had left the competitive multiplayer out. But that's just me.

HBK6193449d ago

FWIW General Naughty Dog have already come out and said that they have expanded their team to work on the MP aspect of the game, so NONE of the SP will be compromised. This will still be the same Uncharted you,(And everybody) loved in Drake's Fortune.

I am yet to play the competitive modes as I am too hooked on the co-op at the moment, just wish it could go longer. I am a big lover of CTF though so can't wait to get into that and the throwable 'flag' is just an awesome innovation that will no doubt offer up tons of different ways to win a match.

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Reshun3449d ago

Too many random ass-wipes having a time of their life by pissing off other people.

WildArmed3449d ago

I believe you can change those options in custom games.
I may be wrong.
(u cant create custom games in the beta fyi)

KwietStorm3449d ago

it always hurts reading that site

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