Computex: Nvidia-based Netbooks, Desktops and MIDs Take Center Stage

Nvidia has launched a full scale assault on Intel's generally lackluster integrated graphics. Around 20 Nvidia Ion-based netbooks, all-in-one PCs, nettops and motherboards have been unveiled here in Taipei. At least two of which we already knew about, including Acer's AspireRevo mini desktop and Lenovo's IdeaPad S12 netbook.

Nvidia is also showcasing a handful of partner-built 'Mobile Internet Devices' that use its Tegra 'computer-on-a-chip' platform. Though Intel categorizes MIDs as handheld devices, Nvidia is using the term more loosely; its line-up includes netbooks and a tablet PC. With carrier subsidies, Tegra-based laptops could start as low as $99 when launched later this year. They'll face competition from similar 'Smartbooks' using Qualcomm's rival, and also ARM-based, Snapdragon platform. To that end, Nvidia has already started work on Tegra II.

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