Interview with Jade Raymond

Everyone who was thinking where is Jade? Is she still working on Assassin's Creed 2? Here's your answer and the reason why we didn't saw here yet.

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qface643485d ago

whatever happened to her haven't seen or heard from her in a while

GCNSeanFoster3485d ago

Who approves this junk? "We didn't saw her yet?" "Didn't saw her?" What kind of language is this?

TheRealSpy023485d ago

it's google translator. it's not perfect, but it gets the overall point across. how about you just calm down...

y0haN3484d ago

... pretty Jade Raymond.. ;)

shawnsl653484d ago

well all i know is that there're 6 idiots who disagreed with Sean Foster. 6 idiots.. fact.

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FantasyStar3485d ago (Edited 3485d ago )

Jade Raymond is probably the only woman in the VG-Industry I respect from the bottom of my heart in her profession. AssCreed 1 is so deep in story and pays such close attention to historical detail that it delights myself to know that she's involved in AssCreed 2. I had wondered where she was....and there she is! Anyone with substantial knowledge in 12th Century Common Era will respect Raymond's attention to detail.

Although I wouldn't compare her to Hideo Kojima just yet. ;D

ReBurn3485d ago

LMAO! That's awesome!

netherbound3485d ago

And right there is a perfect example as to why she took a step back from the press.
She was being judged for being a women and her looks and not her developer talent and brain.
If I was a women in that situation I would have done the same.

CobraKai3485d ago

LOL... AssCreed that's too funny. i never thought of abbreviating it like that.

Buttons3485d ago

AssCreed 1
is so deep
pays such close attention to
AssCreed 2.
delights myself

I could not help but notice the subtle references to buttocks in your post.

SaberEdge3485d ago

I loved Assassin's Creed and thought it was one of the most innovative games to come out this generation. It was a little repetitive if your idea was to approach it the way you approach most mindless action games, but Assassin's Creed was all about immersion, amazing environments, awesome combat, and a deep narrative anchored in historic facts.

Assassin's Creed 2 is easily in my top 5 most wanted games and I am happy to hear Jade Raymond is involved. Thank you Ubisoft for some of the best gaming experiences I have ever had.

GCNSeanFoster3485d ago

While she has a good video game mind and has some good credentials, She doesn't deserve to smell Kojima's 3 day old underwear. Kojima is up there with gaming gods like Miyamoto. I doubt you will ever see her in that list...

divideby03484d ago

have you ever heard her talk ?
2 presentations I heard from her was terrible...

if she were not as pretty as she was, she would NOT be showcasing a flagship product from a company

its better she just smiles, than talks

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Panipal20053485d ago

Can someone post the translation to comments SVP? The source link has so many pop-ups (which all open in the SAME WINDOW) that it's unreadable for me.

Kingsora3485d ago

WHat do you mean? I only had one pop-up, and you could simply close by clicking closing ad...

SuperSharpShooter3485d ago

AC was sooo boring, and i dont this one any gonna hold out on this one...and any one buying this due to Raymond is crazy

Ziriux3485d ago

You do that buddy and hold out on a great story. You must be a first person shooter fan?

In any way, it's great to hear from her, she is absolutely gorgeous and I'm glad she is working on this game.

ReBurn3485d ago

The first game did have an amazing story. Some of the legwork got repetitive, but it was still satisfying.

If the production value of Assassin's Creed 2 is the same as the first it will be a first day purchase for me.

N2NOther3485d ago

I'm an FPS fan and I loved Assassin's Creed. So much for that theory.

SaberEdge3485d ago

Assassin's Creed was brilliant and anybody that says it was trash simply have no taste in games, in my opinion.

Enate3484d ago

Assassins Creed was a great game until its huge repetitive nature showed its ugly head anyone dying it wasn't incredible repetitive is in denial. Though it was a good game an I feel after seeing Assassins Creed 2 the team has really taken care of that issue an beyond. I'll reserve my judgement until I get it in my hands though. As I've learned my lesson that everything that looks good isn't (FFXII).

As for Jade whether or not it was her decision to step back from the media it was a good decision. She was clearly being shot into the stratosphere through the media off of one game that was solid. Though my biggest issue with that is it was one game an its a team effort its not like she did it single handedly but the media made it seem that way.

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