Big Download: Guide to TF2 Spy Achievements, Part 1

Big download writes:

"Gentlemen. I trust you have found your visit to the headquarters most refreshing. I know that while some of you work for RED, and the others work for BLU, in the end, you only work for yourselves. And the betterment of spies as a whole, of course. Now, for those seeking better recognition with your cultured and sophisticated peers, our organization has laid down a set of tasks for you to perform. Do not worry, these tasks are entirely voluntary. We would not presume to infringe upon your individual areas of expertise. However, if you are interested in furthering your career beyond the point of lackey for corporate in-fighting, these tasks would do well to endear you with the spy community. We may offer hints, of course, but not to much, lest we give away the secrets."

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