Rumored PS Store Content for 05/28/09

This week will be the last week before the major E3 blowout that we are expecting. Next week you will have things to look forward to such as the SCEA Press Conference, as well as a ton of exclusive trailers direct from E3.

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Whitefeather3367d ago

Trash Panic = Must Buy. Hope they release it tomorrow. I might buy RE 1 but I already own it on disc...

locos853367d ago

Nice since RE1 is the only one I have never played out of the 5 main RE titles. I will get that and take it on the PSP.

Lifendz3367d ago

but I'm wondering why they don't release these PS1 games with trophies patched in. That would boost sales big time.

StalkingSilence3367d ago

2 problems:
- You aren't connected to the PSN during PS1 playthrough
- Trophies unlocking during the game require changing of the source code. If you just wanted one trophy to unlock when you are done and complete a gamesave - that could be done possibly. But then if you're basing trophies off of gamesaves, there is a lot of opportunity to trade gamesaves and cheat the pretty solid trophy system.

bigjclassic3366d ago

on 60GB BC PS3's, when you're playing a PS1 game you are still on PSN. But somehow you cannot see the XMB.

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Trollimite3367d ago

any other news you want to share with us?

Sev3367d ago

Of course!

You can read it all at http://playstationlifestyle...

BTW we are .com now too.

Remember to sign up for our forums.

locos853367d ago

So what color will the PSP Go! be Sev??

Sev3367d ago

@ Locos85,

We have only seen black thus far. There may be more options, I am not sure though.

hijacker3367d ago

Fight Night round 4 demo will be released to the public too...

u didnt hear that from me ;) ;)

Sev3367d ago

From an Official Press Release:

Xbox Live Gold members will get the demo May 28, while Silver members and PS3 users get it on June 4.

hijacker3367d ago

oh well.. Is the virtua tennis demo official though ?

Sev3367d ago

No, that is rumored as well. Good chance of it, as it's been said that the demo would be out by the end of May.

Homicide3367d ago

I'll buy Resident Evil if it comes out.

Whitefeather3367d ago

It's confirmed so it will....

Daoshai3367d ago

yep, gonna buy this

First classic game I actually want

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The story is too old to be commented.