The PS3's Full Potential: A Breakdown

The Power Review: It has been long rumored that developers have not been taking full advantage of the Playstation 3's extra capabilities, but is there any proof of this? Many gamers and press say that there isn't any proof that the Playstation 3 has more capabilities than the 360. However, there have been slight hints that the PS3 does have a little more power than the 360. If you look at the top graphical games in certain genres that are comparable, but the PS3 games leads the way with its exclusives versus 360 exclusives and even compared to multiplatform games

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manwich253468d ago

On the count of 3 let the trolling begin.




UNCyrus3468d ago

the sad thing is... it's not even a fanboy article... it's a breakdown of resolution and framerate stats on various titles...

but nevertheless, there is going to be trolling

50CALheadshot3468d ago (Edited 3468d ago )

He makes good points, but these articles mean s#it regardless of being pro or anti ps3.

PS3 exclusives speak for themselves. Sony's actions speak for themselves:

Provide PREMIER next gen content not available anywhere else.

Isnt that what we as gamers want anyway? Were playing titles previously labeled "NOT CAPABLE ON CONSOLES"......haterz are stuck playing sales.

thebudgetgamer3468d ago

blah blah blah. something unintelligible. technical jargon but i dont know nothing. so shut up cause you dont know what youre talking about.


marinelife93468d ago

Hence the reason why I don't buy any third party games. If the developer didn't take care to make it the best it could be then I'll give my money to a developer who did.

3468d ago
JeffGUNZ3468d ago (Edited 3468d ago )

I really don't think anyone is dumb enough to actually think that there is no difference in graphics. It's obvious that the PS3 has the capabilities to produce better graphics. It's clear that KZ2 is the best graphics I have ever seen on a console. The PS3 is suppose to have the best graphics, hence it's better hardware/tech. I was hoping this article would prove more than just graphics and show more capabilities of the PS3 that we haven't seen yet or should expect to see. I purchased a 360 this generation and I have no remorse at all. But come on people, the PS3 is the superior console in graphics. Also, why was this article posted in the 360 section? Who cares if it compares 360 graphics, this is mainly a PS3 related article. N4G come on, stop promoting fanboy wars.

Gue13468d ago

Well @Le Chance, I don't know what games have you been seeing but inFamous does look miles away better than GTA4...

ultimolu3468d ago (Edited 3468d ago )

La Chance, are you seriously comparing Infamous with GTAIV?

Are you seriously kidding me?

Maybe you can provide some evidence that shows you know what the hell you're talking about?


Chuk_Chuk3468d ago

because this is sucker punches first game on the PS3 and still on the start of the learning curve.

I have not been watching to many infamous vids (got examscoming and need to conecntrate) so don't know how well the graphics look but will compare them as soon as i start watching them

Hallucinate3468d ago

gta 4 looks like crap maybe the most overrated game graphics wise with a sub par fps infamous on the other hand looks about average but with constant sezuire size lights with out a sing frame uh yea infamous did outdo gta4

JD_Shadow3468d ago (Edited 3468d ago )

1. GTA4 was dumbed down on the 360 to be put onto one disc, and because MS demanded that they get the same quality game as the PS3 version would have...
2. How can you KNOW how Infamous works if it isn't even OUT yet? It releases (officially) on the 26th.
3. you're saying you even OWN a PS3 and can legitimately MAKE those claims?

Oh, and the reason you're not getting any of the "fanboy" crowd: they ignore you. Reading what I'm responding to, I don't think I have to ask WHY!

[email protected]: Obviously you never read any of the answers (either that or you didn't like any of them), and you were trying to get people to respond so you could berate them and call them fanboys. You whined because no one was answering you, yet you are whining because you got the answers you got. PICK ONE! YOU were the one wanting us "fanboys" (using the term YOU gave, which you give to anyone who doesn't agree with you) to answer you so promptly.

Oh, and again, how do you KNOW that Infamous won't if you never PLAYED it yet? We never said that GTA4 was crap. We're saying that it wasn't what it could've been because of MS wanting to have their way. Of course, YOU counter with "With no 360 holding it back Infamous should look AT LEAST twice as good and be twice as big as GTA4.AT LEAST...That obviously will not be the case." Again, if you haven't played it, then how do you KNOW this WILL be the case. You're posting your opinion, about something you don't know anything about anyway, as fact. I'm not saying it will or won't, but where did you actually PLAY the damn game to be able to form that opinion?

Then again, there's no use talking to a fvcking brick WALL, is there?

raztad3468d ago (Edited 3468d ago )

Heavily disagree with you La Chance.

inFAMOUS is not just some good textures and NPCs walking around, as in GTA4. inFAMOUS does much more in any single heated firefight than GTA4 in the whole game. Look at the lighting (inFAMOUS is about electricity, you remember?), everything is climbable, all the particles and effects going in the screen, etc etc. Hardly GTA4 is able to get closer to inFAMOUS technical achievement. Those games are in different levels.

XXXCouture3468d ago

LaChance - Im not disagreeing with you or anything, but remember GTA had a higher budget than Infamous. Maybe that has something to do with it

thebudgetgamer3468d ago

it's huge firefights in killzone and r2. the amazing physics in little big planet, the grass in flower. gameplay > graphics.


3468d ago
Hallucinate3468d ago

god you really dont listen do you? as some already stated gta4 had a huuuge budget

ToastyMcNibbles3468d ago (Edited 3468d ago )

come on chance you should be smarter than that...i do feel infamous achieves things better on a technical level compared to gta 4 but keep in mind this is sucker punch's first game on the ps3 and correct me if im wrong im not sure but i think this is the first time they've tackled an open world game whereas rockstar are pros by now with open world games

Ninver3468d ago (Edited 3468d ago )

Reason 1: Developer sucks

Reason 2: Unreal Engine sucks on the ps3

Reason 3: M$ paid to have it run worst lol. I actually wouldn't be suprised if they did.

Frankly all the games i'm getting this year are ps3 exclusives. You see i'm not a delusional fool, i know when my money is well spent. Just like a couple of people have stated on n4g, ps3 owners just have expensive taste for quality. Weak developers will suffer defeat.

RememberThe3573468d ago (Edited 3468d ago )

You really don't listen, but I can kind of understand. a ton of people telling you your wrong all the time can make it start to seem like the gown-ups in Peanuts.

I will have to respectfully disagree with your comment about GTA4 and Infamous. To me GTA4 was not a bad game at all, but the game didn't seem nearly as deep as San Andreas. That gives the impression that it was held back from what it could have been.

In the case of Infamous, I think it does a lot more then GTA4. Graphically its superior. Gameplay wise, it seems superior from the demo. I'm not sure about the story, but I think GTA4 will have that on Infamous.

I personally think that Infamous will be better then GTA4. If you don't, that's fine, to each his own.

@Dirty: What are you talking about?

phosphor1123468d ago (Edited 3468d ago )

Blow up 10 cars in Infamous, vs blowing up 1 car in GTA. The FPS WILL DROP SIGNIFICANTLY on GTA4, while FPS will stay steady on Infamous.

Infamous has no dithering when it comes to graphics, while GTA4 has a lot of it.

@ DirtyBeaver

Actually UE3 engine has proven itself on the PS3. Look at UT3 on PS3. It is almost comparable to Gears 2. Same amount of AA, texture filtering..and actually..less pop up.

cereal_killa3468d ago (Edited 3468d ago )

"On PS3, you've got a guarantee that every machine is going to have a hard-drive and, with Blu-ray, you've got plenty of storage," said Rockstar creative VP Dan Houser. "[W]hereas on Xbox 360 there's no guarantee of a hard-drive and you're working with the DVD format."

No it wasn't the fanboys it was R* themselves that said it and the fanboys were only repeating what was said if your going to try and use facts in your argument at least know what your talking about.

Can anyone answer why people would go out and buy a system but do nothing but bash the living crap out of it. I just cant understand some of you people who by the showing of there comment history crap on the PS3/360 but yet you claim you own one or the other doe this make you a justifiable Gamer to waist money on a system you never plan on playing in the first place?

3468d ago
xwabbit3468d ago (Edited 3468d ago )

La Chance have u even played infamous LOL, do u even know how much stuff u can do in that game that u cant in gta4 ? And fan boys weren't the ones who said 360 hold gta 4 from being better it was rockstar them self's LOL PWNT. Go elsewhere 360 loyalist.

BTW it wasn't rockstar only

Persistantthug3468d ago

Thanks for the link, I had never seen that before....probably cause I'm fairly new around here.....thanks though. :)

thewhoopimen3468d ago (Edited 3468d ago )

Save your breath. If you dont' have a ps3, there isn't much claim you can make that anyone would believe.

Personally, I have GTAIV (for ps3) and played the copy of the demo of Infamous. The textures are FAR sharper on Infamous than in gta IV. The draw distance is about the same. The HDR lighting available in Infamous is far better. The NPC charcs in Infamous aren't quite as refined as those in GTAIV, but the enemy AI is far better in Infamous AND mo-capped on top of it. Motion capture is available on both main characters in GTAIV and Infamous, but the Infamous main charc has far more movement variety, better movement transitions (changing direction, shifting, etc.)

GTAIV seems to have better city traffic modeling (with cars and drivers) than infamous and a better cop AI. In infamous regular drivers just sit in the car, even if attacked, but in GTAIV they do run out and away. However, Infamous models crowd control and mobbing is impressive.

Sound is very very good in Infamous both music and effects. Its 7.1 vs stereo obviously. Physics interactions on-screen are FAR and AWAY better.

Raptors3468d ago

I disagree with the Halo lighting comment. No question, KZ's lighting is top notch, but at the same time the lighting in Halo was no slouch. Graphically, I definitely expected more from Halo, but from a lighting perspective I've always thought that bungie did a good job.

cmrbe3468d ago

I don't know if you think people are stupid or you are just ignorant.

GTA4 had a reported budget of 100 million with more than 500 devs working on it.

Infameous had 65 devs working on it with an undisclosed budget but i would imagine it wouldn't be more than 30 million. If it was more than KZ2 budget we would have heard about it by now.

Le Chance you have a very simple mind. Just because a game is a PS3 exclsuive dosen't automatically means it will be better than Multi-plats no. It depends on the talent/resources use for the project.

Seriously, I can't believe i had to explain this. Anyone with common sense would know this already.

pain777pas3468d ago

Truth is that the ports are far from unplayable so it does not matter. In some cases you wont see the difference unles viewing 2 screens side by side. The devs are doing it because they can get away with it. Really RE5 is in all honesty is almost identical and it would be nitpicking to start to force devs to release games alot further out of their and the publishers schedule. We heard it from the x-call of duty guys before it took 4 guys to port one of their games to the PS3. I don't doubt their talented but there is a margin for error and corner cutting so I'll just leave it at that.

pain777pas3468d ago

@Stew- You're right MGS3 is a really good looking game and it suprises me that it holds up too well even today which is kinda sad.

Kleptic3468d ago (Edited 3468d ago )

these arguments are far more simple than they end up being...

it breaks down like this...if and when the 360 gets a game as good, or better looking, on a technical level, than killzone 2...the doors to this debate have credibility again...

as it stands now...they don't...the 360 does not HAVE A SINGLE title, either released or having been shown, that stands with killzone 2...and I used killzone 2 as it is the standard by which all other console visuals are compared right now...overall...nothing released yet looks better...and the only thing on the immediate horizon set to look better..are...guess what?...more PS3 exclusives...

now argue all you want about why killzone 2 looks better than everything else...or why Uncharted 2 looks to top even killzone 2...or why some insiders simply shat their pants when watching new footage of Heavy Rain...or Jaffe murdering his family after seeing GoW III...maybe it simply is Sony putting money in the right places...they've built their development empire up over the past 20 years more or less...MS is very young in this industry compared to Sony, which is clearly illustrated by their complete lack of 1st party content...and desperate 'keep us around' tactics like buying up DLC or forcing games to go multiplatform...

maybe its that, instead of the PS3 simply being more powerful...the PS3 has strengths, particularly in lighting and physics based rendering...and the 360 has strengths in AA and shader intense processing...the PS3 definitely isn't head and shoulders above the 360 like Sony told everyone...but it definitely has some potential in terms of hardware, and a smarter parent company, that the 360 simply lacks...

so the 'why' is irrelevant...what matters is that the PS3 HAS and WILL continue to get the best looking games for the remainder of this generation...the 360 will also get some great looking titles, but nothing that will go toe to toe with games that are set to release this year...sorry...but there is no realistic evidence to counter that...and until there is...consider it fact...

edgeofblade3468d ago (Edited 3468d ago )

I love it when someone argues Sony's first-party "speaks for itself". Are you honestly arguing a self-evident position on a highly subjective matter?

I'm just going to start ignoring idiots...

Kleptic, that goes for you. Killzone 2 has already dropped off most people's radar. I'm certainly enjoying it. I play online almost every night. But it didn't click with everyone. So, it really doesn't matter how good it looks if no one else wants to play it.

This isn't the Academy Awards where a pretty, dramatic piece of crap gets the nod because it meets some pedigree. This is the market place, and the consumers decide whats up to snuff, not you in your faux-ivory tower.

lowcarb3468d ago

At the moment PS3 games in my eyes seems to be destroying 360 as far as lightning, shadows, and graphics are concerned. I was with you, but then all of the sudden you made the claim that "what matters is that the PS3 HAS and WILL continue to get the best looking games for the remainder of this generation". You see you might just be correct, but until this gen is over or this year is over we just wont know. Why is it when Gears1, PGR3, and a few other launch titles looked better than anything on PS3 you guys didn't talk crap then? 2008 up until E3 was nothing more than a slow revamp period for MS. At E3 anything could happen and as far as we know they could release footage of a few games that bury KZ2 and even UC2.

Traveler3468d ago

I do think that so far the PS3 has some of the best looking games. But like I have said in previous posts, I don't really think the difference between the consoles' graphical performance potential is as significant as some people believe.

Both consoles are actually pretty similar in many ways, with each having a few unique strengths over the other. The PS3 does have a decent bit more CPU power to work with and with Sony's stable of developments studios they have the talent to really take advantage of that extra power.

But the differences aren't as great as between the PS2 and Xbox last generation and ultimately what really matters more than anything is how the consoles' strengths are utilized.

Kleptic3467d ago


PGR3 looked better than games on the PS3 when it released?...GTHD, which was a PS2 based game (yeah, look it up...that game entirely used the GT4 engine, with a bump from 1080i to 1080p...the PS2 could literally render that game in 1080i...all you needed was component cables to display it) looked better than any 360 racing game at the time...PGR4 is arguably the best looking now I guess, but GTHD topped even Forza 3 in head to head comparisons back in 2007...

either way...I more or less meant 'continue' in the context of whats on the least for whats been announced...its PS3 games all over the place...360 games no where to be found...we hear left and right that SC:Conviction will show us what the 360 can do...or Alan Wake will rearrange how we look at real time gaming graphics...but its all been air so far...if and when the 360 actually lives up to these claims...i'll believe it...i'm just saying that there has been no evidence shown so far to support the claims of the 360 topping the PS3 visually...or even matching it yet...


dude...I don't care if 4 people played killzone 2 total...that doesn't change the fact that its the best looking game on any console...ever made...period...when the gaming media UNANIMOUSLY declares it as the most impressive console game on a technical level...thats it...fanboys will argue about that to no end...that doesn't matter...anyone realistic about the matter understands that the game does things that no other title has done so far...if you are some how trying to bring sales into this...I don't know why you are going that direction, nor will I even start to argue against that...sales or popularity mean nothing in this context...

3467d ago
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ultimolu3468d ago

Very interesting article. It had good facts, backed them up and provided a legitimate question for people to really think about.

chaosatom3468d ago (Edited 3468d ago )

are not using the ps3 to its full extent.

When will developers learn to start on the ps3 and then port the game. *sigh*

Lou-Cipher3468d ago

First of all, Infamous graphically looks miles better than GTA4, and if you don't think the DVD held back GTA4 then ask yourself:

1) Why is there a lack of automobiles/boats in GTA4 when compared to GTA San Andreas & Vice City?
2) Why is there a lack of Planes/Jets/Helicopters in GTA 4 when compared to GTA San Andreas & Vice City?
3) Why is there a lack of size in in GTA 4 when compared to GTA San Andreas & Vice City?
4) Why was there a lack of features (RPG style elements and other)in GTA 4 when compared to GTA San Andreas & Vice City?

Games are not Movies, they are supposed to get better with the sequels not worst.

If San Andreas took almost an entire DVD, then why with the addition of multiplayer, next gen graphics, and next gen sound would it be possible to add all the new features of GTA4 with all of the old features of all the past GTA games onto a single DVD. IT IS NOT POSSIBLE.

Its not your fault that GTA 4 sucks compared to the previous GTA games, its Microsoft's fault for not adopting HD-DVD or Blu-ray as their format for the 360. Stop trying to trick yourself into believing that the DVD isn't hurting games this generation.

koolkeith12243468d ago

i think msg4 looks better than gears, and resistance 2 looks better than halo as well

40cal3468d ago (Edited 3468d ago )

Metal Gear Solid 4 is proof in almost every way that the PS3 is more powerful than the 360. Resistance 2 with out a doubt looks better than Halo 3 and supports 5 times more players online and has 10 times more going on at any given time.

Other examples that the PS3 is more powerful. Little Big Planet, Gran Turismo, Uncharted, Heavenly Sword and have you guys seen the upcoming titles Uncharted 2, Heavy Rain, and God of War III?

Or how about MAG with it's ridiculous 256 player maps? What dose the 360 have now or upcoming that proves the PS3 is not more powerful? That's right ladies and gentlemen, nothing.

table3468d ago (Edited 3468d ago )

there are games on the ps2 that look better than Halo3... GoW2, Black and MGS3 all look better.

cereal_killa3468d ago

"Or how about MAG with it's ridiculous 256 player maps?"

Lets wait and see this when the game is actually released I'm not saying it wont be possible but even I'm a little skeptical on this one I really hope I get proved wrong because it sounds like M.A.G. will be one sick game to play.

36T3468d ago

All i'm hearing from all of you pro-PS3 posters is that ALL PS3 exclusives are better then any game on the X360. The newer games i agree with, but honestly, if you're gonna compare games, compare them with something that came out around the same time.

Don't use a PS3 exclusive that just came out and compare it with a X360 exclusive that came out a year before when the PS3 had almost no games worth playing. When ODST finally drops then we will have a good comparison for Killzone 2. I also saw a comparison between Forza 2 and GT5P. How about we wait for Forza 3 and GT5 to come out before looking like idiots.

Either way, these immature console arguments will never stop because neither Sony or Microsoft are going anywhere.

One last thing, by the time the next Xbox comes out, Sony will have about 3-4 years left in that 10 year cycle. Do you really think MS will make a system that will not be able to beat the PS3 performance wise? If so, you might be disappointed.

thewhoopimen3468d ago

true...but really its more about the current lack of MS exclusives than anything. I mean nobody talks about Ninjablade.

40cal3468d ago

Fair enough, we will have to wait and see how MAG runs. But I have to tell you that the devs claim that they've been running 256 player games for 6 months now, with no lag.

That's just what Zipper said though.

cereal_killa3468d ago

40cal I love Zipper I'm a big fan of the Socom series I really hope this is true I cant wait to play it my only problem is its FPS only I really wish they would have giving you the option for both like they do with the Socom games.

Ldubbz3468d ago

"there are games on the ps2 that look better than Halo3... GoW2, Black and MGS3 all look better."

Way to troll. And you got people to agree with that. Insane.

For the record, Halo 2 looks better than anything on the PS2. The continued pathetic onslaught on Halo's graphics are hilarious.

"When the first peeks at Halo 3 were released, many people lamented that it looked like Halo 2 with a hi-def face lift. Well, those complaints will quickly be abolished once gamers get a look at what Bungie has done with the Xbox 360 hardware.

The first level opens in the lush jungles of Africa. Rays of light shine through the canopy with the best high-definition range (HDR) lighting that I've ever seen reflecting off each individual blade of foliage. The Arbiter is on the scene and his armor shines bright under the sunlight. The Brutes clad in their golden headdresses are also a sight to behold, majestic and regal yet deadly. The water effects in Halo 3 are also hyper-realistic, besting even the shimmering liquid found in the fantastic Bioshock. It reflects every object in the environment and reacts to every step and gunshot with realistic physics. Particle effects from plasma grenades and weapons are high-definition eye candy for graphic enthusiast"

"Despite a few moments of slowdown, this is a gorgeous game, especially considering the demands of the replay function. And it's to die for in 1080p."

I hate that so many people talk crap about Halo and have probably never even payed Halo 3. Say what you will, but tell me these screenshots (all of which are REAL), dont look gorgeous....

...but denial runs strong here. No doubt...

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Chuk_Chuk3468d ago

So true. very well written article. Now we sit and await the fanboys with their sales and other crap.

Ps_alm3k3468d ago

So the articles main idea is, If the Ps3 exclusives outperform 360 in exclusives( in a technical standpoint). Why does it not in multiplatform?

Chuk_Chuk3468d ago (Edited 3468d ago )


edit. lol at PS_alm3k disagrees

ultimolu3468d ago

Because developers would rather develop on the 360 first then learning how to develop on the hard console first so both games can be equal and we don't have stupid comparison videos.

TheHater3468d ago

Because Developers try to make both version equal and don't utilize the PS3 strengths compare to the Xbox 360 or Wii.

mintaro3468d ago

Which is odd, because the difference was very noticeable during the PS2, Xbox era. Alot more than now.

redsquad3468d ago

Some developers would rather hammer a square peg into a round hole than take time & effort to craft a new & unique 'round peg' that would fit perfectly.

Morituri3468d ago

The ps3 is more intimidating for programmers, and after they have finished developing on the easier 360, they really do not have the time or money to optimize for the PS3. That simple man. They do not want to - or can't , devote the effort into making the ps3 version equal to (or better than) its competitor.

JeffGUNZ3468d ago

True, but I think a big part of it deals with timing. It's quicker to produce the 360 version. If a Multiplat developer actually took the time to push the Ps3 capabilities, the game would take so long to come out, mainly due to the fact they arn't familiar with the PS3's hardware. Multiplats come out usually at the same time, so it would hurt sales to have one come out on the 360 and a year later on PS3. I think they fear people will lose interest in it and the payoff won't be worth it. I think Multiplats could just do time exclusive deals so the developers can take advantage of what the PS3 has.

mastiffchild3468d ago

In most cases I feel the multi platform doesn't do either any favours. 360 exclusives and PS3 exclusives tend to look better than the multis of the same time, imo, with a few notable exceptions.

Also when a third party is really trying to get the ported PS version to match the 360 one ,which they optimised around the strengths of that consoles architecture, they're unlikely to get a true match and making one massively better than the other(if possible)would alienate half their audience(not relevant last time around with PS2 out of sight sales wise)even if they had the cash to do it properly. Porting from PS3 to 360 gives better results in genral for the whole game on both platforms but they still tend to do the easy one first and then see what's left for the PS3 version-it's a wonder they get either looking that good tbh.

When/if more games start on the PS3 then port to 360 I believe we'll see multis look better and even more equal on both systems-again, making one much better doesn't suit the developer at all. The way they seem restricted(either by time, cash or themselves)to doing this arse about face the longer we'll have pointless comparison articles nit picking differences in games intended not to have any and developed more to the strengths of one console than the other but to none fully.

Anyway, my point is I think the games would be more even(though right now you would rarely, if ever, notice any naked eye differences asp during gameplay)in quality and better in general if only devs would port from PS3 to 360-if they don't have the cash to use two seperate teams from the ground up to match a target render.

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