Interview : How the next Need For Speed hopes to shift racers

Chris Remo from Gamasutra writes:

"Electronic Arts is taking a new approach with its Need For Speed racing franchise this year, developing three titles each tailored to specific formats. Among these, Need For Speed Shift's been billed as the hardcore simulation racer.

It's being developed by London-based Slightly Mad Studios, led by SimBin co-founder Ian Bell, who worked on titles such as GT Legends and GTR 2 -- although SimBin has taken issue with associations Slightly Mad has made about GTR franchise developers' involvement with Need For Speed Shift.

Nonetheless, even with all of this proximity to a field of games intended to offer highly realistic race simulations, Shift producer Jesse Abney isn't too fond of the world "simulation," and this interview, he discusses how he hopes the game will divorce itself from traditional associations around the genre term.

Instead of sticking within the bounds of traditional genre definitions, Abney here discusses how he hopes Shift will pave a new road."

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