Telltale Games Interview, Part 1: The Secret to Episodic Gaming

TheGameReviews' Lawrence Sonntag sits down with Dan Connors and Dave Grossman at GDC 2009 and asks them to reveal Telltale's secrets.

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italianbreadman3266d ago

Gotta love Telltale games. Keeping a genre alive.

SlamVanderhuge3266d ago

Its sad that an entire genre has mostly been restricted to one output source. At least Telltale knows how to rock it!

stewie328873266d ago

Anyone remember back in Dark Forces II: Jedi Knight how you could open a secret area where Sam (he's the bunny right?) would come and help you kill Stormtroopers? Always thought that was a neat extra.

SirLarr3266d ago

Oh yeah there were a ton of Sam & Max references in Star Wars games. I remember there was a Max shaped bonus emblem in Shadows of the Empire too.