iPhone OS 3.0 Beta 5 Now Available For Developers writes:

"ometime during the late evening hours last night, Apple released iPhone OS 3.0 beta 5 for developers. Surprisingly, instead of the usual two week beta release, beta 5 was only released eight days after beta 4, possibly indicating that Apple may be putting the pedal to the floor to get the iPhone OS polished and ready for the WWDC.

At this time, the only known changes in beta 5 are the addition of parental controls, the blocking of editing the iPhone's carrier file (no more tethering), and also the blocking of MMS on AT&T. Could all of this be at AT&T's request? It is all speculation at this point."

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Odie3392d ago

Anywho.. Hopefully both 3.0 will be final and new iPhone ( at least announced ) at WWDC.

FuzzyChinchilla3392d ago

why don't they make all the changes/upgrades at the same time and save us all some time!?!?!?

Fishy Fingers3392d ago (Edited 3392d ago )

Cant wait for 3.0, then I can finally send a MMS like every other damn mobile phone available for the last 5 years.

Only downside of the iphone for me. Oh, landscape keyboard on all apps will be handy too.

TheMART3392d ago

"the blocking of editing the iPhone's carrier file (no more tethering)"

I bet with Quickpwn on 3.0 that block will be undone. And if not, I'll stay on 2.2.1