PM: Halo Wars Review


"If you're still reading this, I probably don't have to tell you that Halo Wars is a damn well put-together piece of software. Ensemble undoubtedly had big shoes to fill with this one, and for the most part, they succeeded admirably. It's fun to play in a Halo world where Spartans still exist, and watch the UNSC's collective "wtf" when they (spoiler!) first encounter the Flood or forerunner technology. Now, if Robot Entertainment, who's taking the reigns of Halo Wars from Ensemble, sees fit to release a DLC campaign, we'll be golden. My only caveat for the game is that it might be a little too simple for seasoned RTS players. Nevertheless, Halo Wars is certainly triple A in its own small way, and although it may not have the prestige of its big brother, it's a fun little offshoot that just might surprise you."

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