Where did all the PS3 hate go?

Let me see if I can break this down for all of you haters, currently cowering in a corner and hoping to God nobody calls you to task for your doom-and-gloom claims from the early days of the PlayStation 3.

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slpknt6sic63332d ago (Edited 3332d ago )

haven't read the article but this is an easy one it left when everyone took off the goggles and started actually playing its games.
i still remember when heavenly sword was teh flop!!! 30 minute long game lol ok i exaggerated a bit.

JokesOnYou3332d ago (Edited 3332d ago )

"Of course, I'm not about to say that certain editorials weren't without merit; the PS3 did indeed have a slow start and no matter what kind of fan you are, you can't deny that things weren't looking good. However, as I did agree with some of the negative viewpoints, the sheer number of "LAMLAMLAM, the PS3 is gonna die!" articles was downright disgusting, and furthermore, even legitimate websites began running pieces asking if there was any way to "save" the beleaguered console."

-lol, So let me get this straight this guy admits at least "some" was justified and that some of these editorials weren't without the lack of hate makes him want to provoke the so called haters, ha yet NOW he's asking "Where did the hate go?" -Maybe it never left because as I recall I still hear the complaints every now and then when theres some unfounded blog with a negative spin piece about how sony failed at _____ or didn't we just see some no name site rate KZ2 a 6 and of course that won't go well on n4g without plenty of accusations of bias and of course maybe the "legitimate" sites dont feel the need to write "save" the beleaguered console news pieces simply because sony for the most part hasn't been making bold statements and promises about ps3's immenent dominance. Hell the retiring Reeves sounded alot more grounded in reality when he spoke of ps3's future and where he believes it will be in 3-5 yrs.

"And where have all the haters gone? Well, they've gone where they always go when they issue ill-advised, shrieking rantings and ravings, only to find out at a later date they've been proven wrong"

-Maybe the same folks you call haters are the same folks who were responding to all the wild claims of the "other haters" who trashed a console for a year or so with all the "wait until the ps3 launches" type comments, but yeah its more convenient to forget that ever happened.

"I'm not here to tell everyone that the PS3 will eclipse the Wii, but it seems almost inevitable that it will soon reach the 360 threshold and may indeed surpass it before too long. It's all about the games, and the PS3 seems to have the edge. If Sony comes with the price drop, you can certainly expect to see some major sales spikes around the world; look what it has already done in Japan! So come on, haters. Stand up and take your punishment like a man."

-Again here we go with the "predictions", similiar to the same predictions we've been hearing this entire gen, only the definition of "soon" keeps changing. I myself believe the ps3 will likely outsell the 360 but I doubt it will be "soon" or anytime while its revelant to the majority of the 360 fanbase that will likely buy the next xbox prior to ps3 surpassing 360, tech moves too fast and PC will be doing bigger and better things I want a home console that will at least be close.

-lol, OMG so says "", well the way I see it is the last time I checked 360 gets just as much hate, despite all the negativity, 360 folks are buying games and enjoying their console and its evident there will be some big news for everybody at E3 so maybe just maybe there would be no need for "Where did the haters go?" articles if a certain group didn't make wild predictions/claims that when they don't meet the hype wouldn't be followed by "I told you so" type responses.


food863332d ago

please do read as ben does make some interesting points