Top 5 Games That Need to be Announced

The Power Review: A lot of titles are highly anticipated and are slated to be released later this year. But what about the games that are still yet to be announced and everyone knows are in development? Here's the list of the top 5.

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manwich253531d ago

Black is one title that truly deserves a sequel.

UNCyrus3531d ago

the destruction in that game was amazing... I'm coming into E3 this year expecting to see/hear something about it

Jinxstar3531d ago (Edited 3531d ago )

New Twisted Metal, New Power Stone, new (Decent, Non DS)Zelda, new MDK and I guess a new Earthworm Jim...

However I think the list was decent...

Edit: Maybe a destruction derby or something too =P

pain777pas3530d ago

The MGS series along with Mario FF and Zelda are among the most revered and amazing for their longevity. I really cannot wait to hear about MGS5. But I want a Skies of Arcadia sequel or Power Stone even Marvel by capcom remake with SF4 Engine or something. I want a Sequel to Legend of Dragoon.

BlackIceJoe3531d ago

I would love to see another Warhawk game and love to see a single player campaign mode added. Just think how cool the dog fights would be. Just one guy against a whole army. Another idea would be to to have a campaign mode with like four or so people and have those people flesh out the story. You would have to help out your fellow Warhawk player from getting shot down and stuff like that. So things like that could show more of the Warhawk Universe and still have the great multi-player action too.

Black 2 would be great. It had really great explosions and was great fun so more of Black would be awesome.

Killer Instinct I think is coming at least hope it is.

I am not sure what Team ICO is working on but you know it will not disappoint so that is awesome.

As for Metal Gear Solid 5 we know that is coming so no worry's that there won't be another one.

Nice list and when these games come out they will get my play time.

UNCyrus3531d ago

yeah... I took a while thinking of what should/shouldn't make the list...

Glad that you seemed to agree, because I spent a lot of time on it

iHEARTboobs3531d ago

I'd love to see another warhawk but i'm not sure about a single campaign. If it has a great story then sure, but I don't want something that's just tacked on to fill space.

UNCyrus3531d ago

rumor is that there is going to be a single player campaign

BlackIceJoe3531d ago (Edited 3531d ago )

I also don't want to see a campaign mode added if it is not good.

But I was thinking back when Warhawk was on the PS1 the game was pretty fun and back then it was just a story based game. The same was with another great piloting sim Colony Wars both had great story modes and no multi-player. So why can't the same be said now. That is all I was thinking.

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George Sears3531d ago (Edited 3531d ago )

Please no MGS5. Snake's story is over, Raiden isn't a Cyborg anymore, no need for in between fillers.

As a huge fan of the series it would really be a disappointment if Kojima does indeed create a game with Raiden's story as a cyborg. If he wants to create a new chapter in lets say MGS4 Substance/Subsistence that depicts Raiden's moments throughout MGS4 (let's say ala Snake in the Plant chapter in MGS2 Substance, wasn't something major but was a neat addition) then okay, but a whole entire game of cyborg Raiden, for what? It'll only ruin what is already great, what is already finished.

iHEARTboobs3531d ago

I'd like to see what else Kojima can come up with.

George Sears3531d ago

Same here man but like I said, he doesn't have to add something new with something already finished.

Timesplitter143531d ago

Well clearly you won't play as Snake. He said that many times.

And you won't play as Raiden either, even if he was on that "next Metal Gear" poster. I'm sure of it. It's not Kojima's style to make things so obvious. I bet we'll be surprised when we'll se MGS5's trailer.

Cenobia3530d ago

Yeah. The next Metal Gear should drop the 'Solid' and start a whole new story. It can be in the same world and have some of the same characters overlap, but Snake and Raiden shouldn't be the protagonists.

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KionicWarlord2223531d ago

Black 2 - needs to be made again.

Killer instinct 3- who didnt like the phrase "ULTRA ULTRA KILL!!"

but other then that those only opinion of course:)

KionicWarlord2223530d ago

lol yeah combo breaker. man that was just a fun game.

UNCyrus3531d ago (Edited 3531d ago )

hahaha, sorry bro... not on my top 5...

touche' my good sir... I need my prescription checked...

Timesplitter143531d ago

you should edit that before it's too late

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