New PSN and WiiWare Title Announced, Explodemon

Curve Studios (Creator of Buzz! Master Quiz) have announced a new title, being released this year for the PS3 and Wii, downloadable on the PSN and WiiWare stores.

The game looks like a hybrid between the classic Mario games, and the popular Megaman X series. Look for this one soon. :)

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tonzie3516d ago

It will be released for WiiWare as well.

goflyakite3516d ago (Edited 3516d ago )

And PC according to their website.

Looks fun. Platforming ftw.

Rybnik3515d ago

PSN first, followed by wiiware later

Cajun Chicken3516d ago

This looks incredibly cool.

himdeel3516d ago

I am definitely excited about this game :)

gaffyh3516d ago

Sounds like it might be good, but the name is ridiculous

iHEARTboobs3516d ago

But i don't think it's coming to the XBLA. I've only heard PSN, PC and WiiWare.

tonzie3516d ago

it's from a channel that covers all three, and it made a mistake in the title
And in fact, this title is only coming to the PSN and WiiWare

I'm excited. :)

Rybnik3515d ago

PC and Wiiware will come a little later, PSN first.

Skyreno3516d ago

SWEET! Can't wait for this one