Capcom: We have nothing against Wii and DS, systems supported appropriately

Capcom's Christian Svensson has stated that the company "supports all systems appropriately" and that they have nothing against the Wii and DS.

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jams_shop3368d ago

"or PS3, it's just that M$ money it's too sweet!"

mastiffchild3368d ago

Capcom (Z&W apart as I can't count Okami or RE4 seeing as they're just ports)isn't giving Wii owners very much at all. DC is just more on rails sub stadard UC2 fayre, DR:CTYD is really bad and MH3 is gonna be pay to play over a network that hasn't even been good with Nintys own games so far.

Making remakes of old RE games is a big insult to Wii owners when the PS360 gets RE5.

DS gets support but Wii certainly doesn't from Capcom. Tbh, I'm not really sure how they have the front to say the kind of rubbish they've tried to sell on the Wii is support of any kind of quality when other platforms get the far better stuff.

ExcelKnight3368d ago

I'd invite you to take it up personally to Christian Svensson. He's on the Capcom Unity boards and they have a section specifically aimed toward asking the staff questions.

hatchimatchi3368d ago

if you want the "real" games from capcom then buy a second system. If you don't want to then stop whining. What capcom gives the wii if fine for me, me personally im looking forward to playing 'Darkside Chronicles.'

Owning 1 system this generation is stupid.

crck3368d ago

Blame Nintendo for completely gimping the Wii, not Capcom. Its just business. Capcom can either develop for the PS3, 360 and PC in one development cycle or they can develop for the PS2 and Wii (or just wii) in the same cycle. If the Wii had enough juice to stay in the same pack as the other two systems you can bet your ass Capcom would have released RE5 on all three. Would RE 5 have shipped 4 million copies in the first week on Wii alone? Highly unlikely.

ChickeyCantor3368d ago (Edited 3368d ago )

No matter the hardware, you still expect developers to bring something full of quality to the table.

On top of that they already have tons of engines lying around, they could either rebuild them for the Wii or just expand on them.
Its not nintendo's fault, even kojima says so(and we all know how many of you see him as god). Its developers losing touch with their standards.

" Would RE 5 have shipped 4 million copies in the first week on Wii alone? Highly unlikely. "

Perhaps not, but hell it would have played way better.
If developers started making good games from the start non of you would have been complaining.

SinnedNogara3368d ago

@ crck

How did Nintendo gimp the Wii? Are you saying the Wii is as powerful as a PS2?? Complete b##lsh#t, buddy! Here is something. Anyone who clicks disagree is someone who shouldn't even be in the Gamer Zone, or the Wii section for that matter.

Cold Facts:

Snipes203368d ago

Is Nintendo's phrase for DLC. See "My Life as a King" if you don't believe me. As far as I know, this phrase does not mean a subscription fee for internet play. If so, that is not going to go over well.

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TriforceLightning3368d ago

Stop BSing and give Wii owners more games like Z&W;Tatsunoko vs. Capcom and less crap ala ports and pointless rail shooters.

STK0263368d ago

While it's sad for Wii-only owners not to have fresh games from Capcom, what do you expect. Mature Wii games like Madworld and House of the Dead Overkill sold poorly (compared to the quality of the games), while the same games would have most likely sold more on the PS3 or the X360 alone. 3rd party developpers are still struggling at making a game that would be both a financial success and a critically acclaimed title.

So why would Capcom put cash on making games for the Wii, if the chances of making a profit out of it are lower than on the 360/PS3. And since Capcom has decided to give more support to the PC, they can make 1 game for 3 platforms, while making a game for the Wii, only gives them the opportunity to sell it on one platform.

If you want Capcom to give you games on the Wii, buy the good wii games, don'T let Madworld and NMH sit on the store shelves (if you don'T already have them of course..)

As for the DS, I will only say that the PSP aint getting much love either.

Vizion263368d ago

Wii 3rd party games outold 3rd party games of 360 and PS3 in '98. That's a fact. Moreover, video games typically on the Wii don't have big openings but tend to have "long legs" in terms of sales. For example, the most recent Call of Duty on Wii had very small first week sales but it has now sold over 1 million copies. The same thing can be said about Resident Evil 4 Wii Edition.

STK0263368d ago

Yeah, I remember seeing that headline about Wii 3rd party outselling 3rd party on PS3/360, but how many titles have we seen on the Wii? If you have 100 titles released and a total of 1000 copies sold on one console, but you have 50 titles and 900 copies sold on another platform, it still means that your 50 titles made more money per title.

As for CoD, having 1 million copies sold is nice, however, the sales on PS3/360 are siginificantly higher, on about the same install base (PS3+360).

While I don't have the numbers for the 3rd party titles sold on Wii, I assume, correct me if I'm wrong, that they outperformed the PS3/360 by having much more titles out rather than having fewer titles selling better.

And you also have to take in consideration the titles that sold the most, were they casual titles based on original IPs, casual titles based on established franchise, so-called hardcore titles based on new IPs, hardcoe titles based on established franchises or games based on non-gaming IPs, like Hannah Montana, High School musical or similar stuff aimed at naive kids with unsuspecting parents.

Capcom has mostly been aiming at the hardcore market, no point making an hardcore game on the Wii if what sell are casual games and hannah montana games.

While I like the Wii, when I go to my EBgames/Wal-Mart/Futureshop, they usually have games like Madworld and NMH in the backstore while the sucky games are on the shelves and selling like crazy.

ChickeyCantor3368d ago

" Wii games don't sell"
So that presentation pretty much showed you wrong and yet people keep saying it.

SinnedNogara3368d ago

@ STK026

MadWorld currently sold 70,000 copies. That is not alot now, but do you remember Wii owners getting very hyped. Wii games don't sell 2 million in just a day. SSBB only sold 140,000 on its first day. Did it fail, no. No it has sold 8 million.

MadWorld will hit at least 500k by July, I bet you.

I haven't even bought it yet. One, because I don't have the money, and 2 because my Wii broke down and I have to send it for factory repairs (something with the disc reader).


Seferoth753368d ago (Edited 3368d ago )

The thing about 3rd party games that people seem to look over is that there are now 75 million sellers in the US alone. Yes Wii had about 70 more games than 360. Doesnt change the fact that they are quickly catching up to the 360 in million sellers. A console we ALL know sells a ton of games.

Publishers/Developers do not need 4 million in sales on the Wii to make money. Most probably only need 500k to see a decent return. Development costs are a lot lower on the Wii after all.

I just do not see why people have to keep trying to to spin this into something bad. IS it really Wii owners faults that they go out looking for quality games and end up buying something less? I think its more the developers fault for not offering the quality to begin with. If SF4,RE5, Madworld, HOTD, had all come out on the Wii this year, I think a lot less copies of Wii fit/Lego Indiana would have been sold, but people are buying what they have access to.

Also why compare an onrails shooter and a black and white new IP to established franchises that always get high sales. Wouldnt it be far to compare them to games that are similar on the other consoles? THe only light gun game out was on PS3 and I dont think it hit 500k in sales. I cant think of any games that are in black and white and similar to Madworld to compare it to.

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