PS3, the best console to date?

VANTAGE MAGAZINE writes: "There has been so much talk on in the gaming industry today about the console wars, and the Playstation 3, after the insurmountable success of the PS2, has been very lackluster. Yes, on paper, its been a great let down for Sony, a loss for every console sold, wiping out the PS2's profits, but at the end of the day, which is THE BEST console on the consumer's side of things, for us?

....Here at Vantage, its the PS3 hands down!"

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ape0073533d ago

amazing exclusives

kz2,uncharted series,mgs4,infamous,god of war3,Ico 3,yakuza 3,etc....

if all 3rd developers start unlocking ps3's power and sony surpassed live with its FW updates and home updates

I think ps3 will be one of the best consoles in history no doubt

the future is so bright guys

I really REALLY want gta 5 be ps3 exclusive,gta is my favorite game,come on R*

gdc 09 looks to be fantastic for sony

TheTwelve3533d ago

The only reason why people are not yet giving the PS3 its due props this generation is because it's still early.

But anybody with common sense must see that the PS3 is the best and will dominate, outside the case of Sony headquarters being hit by a nuclear bomb. There's just too much going for it.


LightofDarkness3533d ago (Edited 3533d ago )

Agreed. Overall, the PS3 has definitely proven itself greater than it's competitors. It's not THE best in every single area, I still find XBL a better unified online experience and obviously the Wii's motion controls trump the Sixaxis (even if the majority of games resort to mindless wrist waggle).But in terms of number of useful features, technical capability, media centre integration and, most importantly, games, PS3 takes the crown so far, and it's likely it will retain it. Even if it doesn't take number one in sales, I think we can all agree that the PS3 has a leg up.

Montreafart3533d ago

The PS3 is without any doubt the best console to date.
Consider its games, its functionality, its hardware, Blu Ray and its exclusive games.

Yes, PS3 is king. Falcon punch.

dragondive3533d ago

Dude, this guy makes a lot of sense. I don't get why some of you guys don't agree with him...

nothere4133533d ago

As bright as the future looks for us PS3 owners, I just can't see calling it the greatest console ever.

I miss the way games used to be back in the ps1/early ps2 era.

The PS1 will always be the best console to me.

Hardware-wise, it wins hands down, but I'm still waiting for some more awesome exclusive games that really catch my attention. And don't mention Killzone 2 as being "one of the greatest shooters of all time", because it's not.

InFamous could be the game to make me love the PS3 as much as Sony's previous consoles, though.

LightofDarkness3533d ago

I agree with the KZ2 comment. It's very good, but it hasn't proven to be as memorable to me as the best that I can remember. Half-Life 1/2 certainly are, TF2 is, COD4 is, and Gears 1 is as well (I know, TPS, but it's still a shooter). Gears 2 was not very memorable for me because it was a re-tread of the first, and KZ2 has that similar feeling, it just feels like something I've done before. It's still an awesome game though.

jadenkorri3533d ago

ps3 is doomed article is 5...4...3...2...1...look a ps3 is failing article...

Aquanox3533d ago

Hardware wise, the PS3 is awesome. Could've been better? Definitely, without those bottlenecks in memory and GPU that keeps it from unleashing its true power, but it's still an awesome piece of hardware.

It's financially were it had its problem. By being too ahead of its time with Blu-ray, it didn't make financial sense, was positioned way to expensively and a world crisis didn't help Sony.

There are other components that also keep it from being the definitive choice. In terms of library, software sales says Microsoft has the nod with the highest attach ratio in a console ever. In terms of services, they still have quite a lot of work to do in their online service.

Ultimately, it's difficult to argue that most PS3 components are some of the most advaced in the market (Cell, Blu-ray, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi) but where Sony need to work is in the areas where it still gets outperformed.

StayHigh3533d ago

Its just a fact the PS3 will dominate this year or next..We will get the last laugh in the end of it all..

solidt123533d ago

I agree that the PS3 is already the best console to date. Judging it by a few features that aren't game related that the 360 has is just dumb to me. It's about the games and so far PS3 exclusive are out shining 360 exclusives(first party) Look at all the new IP's Sony has put out.

Shadow Flare3533d ago

If you look at just the hardware of the console itself, the ps3 is the best console ever by about a mile. Then you look at the games and it has some of the best titles in quality and quantity. And the games are technically above every other game on competitor consoles. 360 can't even handle the amount of grass in Flower for instance. And online wise it is practically on par with live, except psn uses dedicated servers which makes it better then live. So yes, ps3 is the best console ever made

StephanieBBB3533d ago

I can't really agree with you there. Back in the PS1 era we got like maybe 1-2 really good games over the course of 3 years.

Now we get like 15 good games each year. I'd say that this era is abit better to be a gamer in =)

nothere4133533d ago

We got alot more great games than that.

And back then, the games felt alot more inspired. Nowadays, the industry is all about money. And everyone and their grandmother has an FPS game that they made.

I'm sick of shooters. I want more great RPGs, and platformers, and sidescrollers.

Common Sense3533d ago

The PS3 has no bottlenecks in memory, that would be the 360. The Cell and XDR have the run at the same speed (3.2GHZ). The Cell can read and write to the ram at the same cycle because of this. Granted the other half(256mb of GDDR3 memory)runs at ~700mhz - 800mhz. The 360 on the other has unified memory that runs at ~700mhz- 800mhz; this causes wait states, the processor has to wait every other 4 cycles to read and write to system memory. Talk about bottle necks.

WildArmed3533d ago

You can see this coming, but the only time i'd say it is it'll have to be when PS4 comes out. Till then PS2 ftw :D

FredFredrickson3533d ago

The PS3 has definitely gotten better in terms of what it offers, especially in terms of games, for the price. I'm not sure if it will make second place for this generation or not, but one thing is for sure - the PS3 will never hit PS2 numbers.

Blu-ray is still many years away from being something that most consumers are interested in, and the PS3 is no longer the cheapest BRD player, something that helped propel it where it's at today.

It'll be interesting to see what happens with the next generation of consoles, and how the timing will work with the other companies. Nintendo shouldn't release a new console for a while now - they don't need to, as people are still buying the Wii in crazy numbers. Microsoft will probably try to beat Sony to the punch again, but they will only succeed if their newer system is backward compatible and affordable. They also don't want to beat Sony to the next gen by too early a margin.

Anyway, I went off on a tangent there. Ultimately, I don't believe that the PS3 will be remembered as the "best console ever," and I don't think much will change from now to the end of this generation.

FredFredrickson3533d ago

"The only reason why people are not yet giving the PS3 its due props this generation is because it's still early."

We're already at least halfway through this generation (the next consoles will likely be released within the next 2.5 years). When is it not going to be too early to judge? As soon as the numbers pick up, if they ever do?

rockleex3533d ago

Although PS3 HARDWARE costs wiped out PS2 HARDWARE profits.

We don't know how much Sony profited from SOFTWARE SALES on the PS2 and PS3.

Sony's not doing that bad if you put software profits into the equation.

rockleex3533d ago

He stated that 360 can use HD-DVD for their games, and that is wrong. -_-"

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Marceles3533d ago (Edited 3533d ago )

In before the riot starts.

I do have to agree with the ending though

"So at the end of the day,
what console gives you more bang to your buck? ...the PS3
what console has free online play? ...the PS3
what console is going to dominate when it comes to games? ...the PS3"

I thought it was funny that the guy mentioned the stupid gamingfront article though lol..."Why a PS3 price drop won't change a thing", a price drop would be huge. What would the competitors do then? Offer their consoles for free? They're practically almost there...or seems like they want to be there for bragging rights

edgeofblade3533d ago

Same old fanboy bullshit. The value argument is horribly flawed as I have shown over and over and over again. $200 STILL buys you a logically complete, functional 360, and you are STILL only halfway to owning a PS3.

Click disagree if you think I can play a game on PS3 for less than 360. I dare you to make a fool of yourself.

madpuppy3533d ago

200.00 buys you a 360 with no hard drive, essentially a useless space heater.

smokemeagain3533d ago (Edited 3533d ago )

well we can also ask more questions

what current gen console is the most affordable in this recession? the xbox360
what console has a superior streamlined online community? the xbox360

what consoles are ur friends playing on? u answer that

at the end of the day it comes down to...what is most important to u?

da only console i have is da ps3 cos i love MGS4, Blu-ray and alot of its exclusive but am not blind to some facts

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thereapersson3533d ago

That honor still rests with the Playstation 2. The PS3 is close though, regardless of what the haters say (and boy are there are a lot of them...).

Common Sense3533d ago

The PS3 isn't the greatest console yet but it will be at the end of its life cycle. It will sell over 100 million consoles. It will have an online experience that matches and surpasses XBL. It already has some of the best games this gen.

Why o why3533d ago (Edited 3533d ago )

ps2 is still the king. The ps3 definitely has the potential to oust it from its throne. Bang for your buck award goes to the swiss army knife closely followed by the ps3;) All you have to do is look at the games and look at the hardware both of which are solid.

FredFredrickson3533d ago

I don't think the PS3 will ever hit the PS2's numbers. It tried to be too many things, ended up being too expensive initially, and it hurt the brand.

Why o why3533d ago (Edited 3533d ago )

new tech costs more. The ps3 has sold fine up till now and sony didnt even have to cull the ps2 in order to force some to buy the ps3. Im glad they took risks with the tech. The ps3 has at least another 8 years to match the ps2 as it didn't reach that 100+ units sold in a short space of time neither. Think long term.

blackpanther253533d ago (Edited 3533d ago )

thats what they said about the psp(protable media player) and it sells like crazy.
Lets get this stright sony doing more than "one thing" with a console is not new. They have been doing it since the ps1 (oh yeah the whole music player and the ps2 being a media center for music and games).
You're just probably one of those people who only ever used a sony game product for gaming only.

blackbeld3533d ago

Ohhh Yes it is.... I love it at the first day i bought it.... And today i even love it more... It's the best console i ever had... Blu-ray, media player, hdd, wifi, 1080p, dualshock3, online store, ect, ect, .... I LOVE IT!!!!!! It made my home complete..