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Submitted by GaMr- 3263d ago | news

AMD brings Xbox 360 tech to handhelds: A portable Microsoft gaming device?

In A two Part article hosted by

They discuss new technology that is harnessing the power of the xbox360 into handheld devices. The article then goes on to question and hint towards and xbox360 handheld device. They refer to it as "Xboy" . (Xbox 360)

THAMMER1  +   3263d ago
They better do this.
And do it right. The DS is good for my daughter and the PSP just dose not offer what want. And what I want is killer games trigers instead of bumpers, two analogs, and rumble standard.
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MikeMichaels  +   3263d ago
You'll get about a 1/2 hour of battery life.

MS can't make hardware to save their lives.
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T-Virus  +   3263d ago
Won't happen
How many times has this been rumored?
CompGeek  +   3263d ago
They better not call it the Xboy, that's SO lame.
DiLeCtioN  +   3263d ago
am happy with my psp and definitely wont buy this for sure, but ill like to see what it offers.
PS360WII  +   3263d ago
Yeah Thammer
What you want would cost more than a handheld should cost and Mike is right that battery wouldn't last even an hour. And hey give DS it's due it has plenty of games for 1-99 and yes even that 20-25 age frame.

Well if MS wants in I suppose they are allowed I just don't know if they can get what they want. Look at the Zune. It's been out and yet no one buys them. I think they are coming out with a revised Zune... maybe that'll be the handheld thingamajig
Yo Wassap  +   3263d ago
yeah but the zune was released at an awful time. Had they waited and released near to an iPod, people might want to upgrade (always happens) and then take a look at the zune. As it happens almost all the people who wanted an MP3/4 player already had one. It's all timing in that market.
THAMMER1  +   3263d ago
Just like you I know the games that are available for the DS and the PSP. You never know they mite do it and actually do the right things or they mite totally bomb.

No matter who makes it even if it was the PSP2 or the DS extreme I still need dual analogs, rumble, and some truly appealing games. Oh yeah a standard HDD would be nice too.

I think a lot some gamers just have a problem with M$ and Xbox. My problem is with crappy games and horrible control schemes.

I also own a Zune. What sold me was the larger screen and the built in FM radio.

On the battery life, you can get 12 - 13 hours with out a charge. I use mine 9 hours a day. I did like 2 weeks of comparing it to all of the the available competition. If you go into a store you will se they sell pretty well. They sell nothing like ipods because ipod means MP3 player in the ear of the general public. But yeah the Zune was the best choice for me hands down.
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Rasputin2011  +   3263d ago
"Xboy...are you kdding me"
The Idea of Mircosoft getting into hand-held gaming is cool but they should name it the "Xbox 180" not the Xboy that sounds so ridiculous.
THAMMER1  +   3263d ago
Yeah that name would suck.
I would name it the "CYPHER" or "CYPHER X"
Jakens  +   3263d ago
Good one!
I really like that name "Xbox 180". I would buy a MS handheld over any other handheld. I really like what they have done and what they plan to do.

I also have a Zune which I'm very happy with.
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THAMMER1  +   3263d ago
Well it is just what I want.
I have like 3 friends with PSP's and it just dose not suit my needs. Who knows maybe an Xbox hand held wont either.

The DS is fun but I just do not like the games selection although a large one.

I just stated what I want in a hand healed. Is it that Fu(king wrong that I'm not eager to run out and buy a PSP or a DS? If you feel like I stepped on your toes than stop jumping in the way. Soft boys. All emotional and wet in-between the thighs.
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PS360WII  +   3263d ago
No worries
Yeah I think another handheld in the market would be cool. Everything you mentioned on it would be a sweet one. Didn't mean to sound demeaning with my post.
kewlkat007  +   3263d ago
I don't know about this one..
Fist you have Zune then this. While this have been debated and talked over numerous times. Who else has the money to make this happen???? With AMD/ATI in your corner who knows...

I had the PSP, then sold it for a ds lite, my ds lite got stolen with my castlevania: portrait of ruin, now last week I bought both of them back. I had withdrawls. I gonna get the PSP back. I like the system it's just where are the decent games.
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MikeGdaGod  +   3263d ago
i wonder...
what media would they use. it'd be funny if they had to use UMDs. MS can't make hardware for sh!t so i'm interested how this pans out. i hope they learned from the 360 and it won't have the sae failure rate.
ReconHope  +   3263d ago
it would be funny
but i think they have to much pride to do that
HaKeRsCanRotINHEL  +   3263d ago
refering to a possible gaming upgrade for the Zune, not the legendary " Xboy ".
sajj316  +   3263d ago
handheld market ....
I can't imagine MS getting into the handheld market in this generation. They have to be too busy trying to snatch up as much marketshare on the console side of things. When Sony launched the PSP ... it was an inevitable thing considering that they were running away with marketshare with PS2. Although the handheld market and console market are two different markets ... why put your console at risk since handhelds (small in stature) are a huge investment. I know ... I know, say all you want about MS having the $$$ but its not necessarily about the dollar bills. Bill and company have a plan (I'm guessing here) with their Xbox console and I can't imagine a handheld helping them out ...

1st Generation: Market Entry with Xbox
2nd Generation: Gain MarketShare with Xbox 360
3rd Generation: Market Domination

I can't imagine an 'Xboy' in their plan of attack ... more of a headache.
BIadestarX  +   3263d ago
To think that only Sony and Nintendo are capable of manufacturing a handheld it's naive. The funny thing about it; is that the very same people manufacturing hardware for Nintendo and Sony are teh very same doing it for Microsoft. So, on the technical aspect it's all good.

Also, why do people think that there it can only be one console in the industry. We all want that our console be the one to win the console war, but in reality there is no such thing. Big corporation talk about the console war just to attrack more people into buying their console, but in reality if a company manage to get a sustantial amount of marketshares and are able to profit from it in order to ensure the support/continue manufacture of the product than they win. The fact is that as of now Microsoft and Nintendo are making profits on the hardware and therefore are winners and it will not be long until Sony reduce cost and do the same making it a winner too. After that all the money they make on royalties selling games is a huge plus. If microsoft manage to sell only $10 Million of these "XBoy/XBox180" while making a profit, and if they make development easy as for developers to port 360 games easly + XNA games + XBoy Live, it will not matter if Nintendo or Sony sells more.

I'm one of those that sometimes come here to start flamewars (cause if fun to see people getting pissed) but I very well know that it's bull.
The market is big enough to make all companies profitable (specially if all companies make a great product). This time around there will be no losers. (Putting my XBOX 360 fanboy hat) XBOX 360 Rules! LOL.
deadeyes99  +   3263d ago
i'd hit it
i'd buy it day 1.
MySwordIsHeavenly  +   3263d ago
If they can manage to harnass the power of a nex-gen system in a handheld...I don't care how much it costs. Imagine GOW ON THE GO!!!

It would also give Sony incentive to NOT screw up the PSP. It's selling very well right now, but only because Japan LOVES MHP2. Not sure why. MGS:PO, Tekken:DR, LocoRoco, Gitaroo Man Lives, and Syphon Filter are probably ur best bets if you have a psp though. ESPECIALLY MGS:PO.

I love my PSP, but for a first time gamer, i would definitely refer them to the DS. It's fun, easy, and flourishing with titles. I do believe the PSP will either sink or float this year. It HAS to prove itself this year, or it's gettin' sold to put more money down on MGS4...haha.

I'm tired
DaTrooF  +   3263d ago
i hear from gameinforme dat ms iz actually going to realease games on its unit dat iz already out.da zune.if a real portable game system comes out any time soon my guess iz 2ndQ of 2008.i jus hope day dont mess it up.
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pshizle  +   3263d ago
i have a zune and its thee ****
better than the ipod anyday

i hope they have online play for this and a sleek browser with voice reconition and a web cam on it =) if only it would come true
gogators  +   3263d ago
MS needs to focus on one thing right now
and that is the 360. People make concept stuff all the time, especially in the auto world, and that's all this is, concept stuff.
headblackman  +   3263d ago
i would buy this. i really hope that they accually go through with this one :)
ben hates you  +   3263d ago
one thing that
amazes me is how small the 360 really its about 1/3 smaller then the original xbox and so far has had better graphics then the ps3 which is frickin huge and its kinda ironic sony hyped about the xbox being to big now their system is even larger
chitown  +   3263d ago
that looks really cool but if they name it xboy...... yea just dont that'ld be the lamest name for anything ever
Dukester101  +   3262d ago
personally i would never get a handheld gaming system. i have no use for it in my current situations. i'm always doing something, be it work, school, or playing my console on my big screen, or whatever.

a handheld was cool back in middle school (had the original gameboy), but not now...
DaTrooF  +   3262d ago
wat u talking about benisme
i'm not tryin to start no flame war or anything,but the fact is since motorstorm came out the ps3 now has the game with the best graphic on the may think i'm a sony fanboy for saying that,the fact is i'm not. i own all three console well i used to until i heard the rumor that a black 360 was comin out with 120G.SWEEEET!!.just get your story straight,bro.
Xi  +   3262d ago
Don't hold your breath
specially with them letting rare make DS games I doubt this would happen.
zonetrooper5  +   3262d ago
Well i would buy this handheld if there were good games, the other 2 handhelds only have like 2 games which are good, most of the others are plain old rubbish, if they put Xbox Live on their rumored handheld than that would be sooo awesome.
ben hates you  +   3261d ago
datroof3 you can't compare
a racing games graphics with rpgs fps it just doesn't work that way and wait till forza 2

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