How to Survive an Apocalypse Using Tips from RE

If Max Brooks' World War Z taught people anything, they learned the zombies are coming -- it's only a matter of time. And who better to save them from impending doom than a generation of gamers who have grown up zombie hunting, mostly by playing Resident Evil games. As Resident Evil 5 (and a new breed of undead) is almost here, GameDailt takes a look at the helpful lessons they have learned from the series. Pay attention, it might save your life.

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Arsenic133552d ago

Article fail. They arent zombies in RE5. Traditional zombies are walking corpses.

DominusRebellis3552d ago (Edited 3552d ago )

^^^ True, but he mentioned "a new breed of the undead" (however that's possible?) But I'd still run to the nearest gun store for a little smash and grab!

PS How to survive a zombie takeover:

1. Do not run to any weird crunchy moaning sound
2. If something/one screams, get the f$%^ out of there, what was living is probably dead now anyway (a scream means death, NOT the possibility of someone being alive)
3. Gun stores are always a safehouse and have plenty of ammo and first aid sprays
4. Never investigate a face-down corpse
5. If a corpse starts walking towards you, don't question it's existence or try talking to it
6. There is no such thing as an Anti-Virus!
7. Remember that zombies are [email protected]#$ stupid and slow just run by them and
8. Always, ALWAYS! Shoot them in the brain!