Target breaks Killzone 2 street date

Jonesing to blast some Helghast and just can't wait until Friday? Eager to play what many are hailing as the definitive PS3 experience? PS3Center has received a few tips from viewers today that some Target stores have Killzone 2 on sale now. PS3Center checked the local Target and found they had the game on sale as well. No clue as to how widespread this is, so your mileage may vary. If you're waiting on the game though, might as well give your local Target a call.

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HDDVD183551d ago

not all targets have released KZ2
but lucky you if u have got the game early
i cant wait for 27th

Violater3551d ago

calling my target now,



no dice

STICKzophrenic3551d ago

What part of VA you in? I'm central VA.

Anytime a street date has been broken and reported on the web, none of the stores around me have broken the street date.

Aclay3551d ago (Edited 3551d ago )

After I saw this story, I drove straight to Target and I just got back.

When I walked in, there was the "Killzone 2 As advertised" sticker on the shelf, but there were no actual copies of Killzone 2 on the shelf. I asked the guy behind the counter if they had anymore copies of Killzone 2, and they DID. He went in the back and came out with about 6-7 copies of Killzone 2 in his hand.

When he went to ring me up at the cash register, the price didn't come up or anything. Then he went back and looked at the "As advertised" Tag and in pencil it was written, "On sale 2/27". Then he told me that since the computer couldn't ring it up, he couldn't sell it. And if anybody's wondering what state, it's North Carolina.

I walked out empty handed, but I came SO CLOSE!! NOOO!!!! The wait is killing me.

Violater3551d ago

@STICKzophrenic : Richmond Va

Man 3 days of torture

Sillyace923551d ago

That's pretty cool I'm from Manassas, Virginia

butterfinger3551d ago

Richmond VA here too... Did you call all the Targets around? I was just getting ready to head to the one by Willow Lawn until I read that you called.

villevalorox3551d ago

I jsut called my target and they said they are all sold out. :( i was going to get my preorder money form gamestop and go get it. Guess not now they are all out.

Violater3551d ago


I called em all and gamecrazy too
no luck

STICKzophrenic3551d ago

I'm out in Prince George, right on the Hopewell border. The closest Target to me is Colonial Heights right across from Southpark Mall.

PSN - STICKzophrenic

I'll probably be on multiplayer after I beat campaign, and beat Halo Wars.

Siesser3551d ago (Edited 3551d ago )

I'm up here in Fredericksburg, and used to live down in Chester back in middle/high school, but haven't been back since...2001. I hear the area around Southpark's blown up Stickzo? Last new thing I remember them building down there was a Shoe Carnival, lol.

And I'll be patiently preparing to pick-up my pre-ordered, pre-paid property Friday post-haste.

Of course, if I see a copy sitting around, pre-orders can always be shifted to other product

Violater3551d ago

And link up for the east coast section of the N4G clan.

STICKzophrenic3551d ago (Edited 3551d ago )

"1.10 - Wow, VA represent!
I'm up here in Fredericksburg, and used to live down in Chester back in middle/high school, but haven't been back since...2001. I hear the area around Southpark's blown up Stickzo? Last new thing I remember them building down there was a Shoe Carnival, lol."

Sh*t they've built up a ton of stuff where that Shoe Carnival is.

Best Buy, Old Navy and Pier 1 are there in that strip with Target and Shoe Carnival.

They put up a Sonic, Olive Garden, Lowes, Uno's, Swader's Sports Park (mini golf, go karts, batting cages, driving range, laser tag, arcades, etc.) Crossroads Ford moved there and is HUGE...and lots of other stuff in the surrounding area.

The mall though, it's mostly jewelry stores and urban clothing haha.



I'm not familiar with the N4G forums...where's the clan section?

ProperFunked3551d ago

hey butterfinger?
is that image of you avatar from The Presets Apocalypto album, jw

hay3551d ago

Damn, I got my copy today but I'm on a business trip abroad so I'll play it on friday...

wanderofys3551d ago

Little west of Roanoke VA here.

Our Target had MGS4 early, but when I tried to buy it, the register wouldn't let the guy sell it to me. I imagine this is a similar case.

Siesser3551d ago

The site doesn't specifically have a clan function over in the forums, but there's a thread running for people to sign up for an all N4G clan here:

It's started and organized by ReaperXL7, and in his signature is a link to the clans site as well.

And wow, can't believe how much they've built down there, although it has been a long time. Growing up, I never could have imagined the small town feel down there disappearing.

and Wanderofys, I went to Tech for undergrad. 4 best years of my life, and I definitely miss being out there. Roanoke was practically my life line, since it had the closest Best Buy :P.

Fozzy253551d ago

Only 12 hours to go in Australia!! The wait is almost unbearable!!

wanderofys3551d ago

Christiansburg totally has a Best Buy now haha

Siesser3551d ago

Dangit, I want my mileage back >_<

just kidding - cool to hear that. All they need is a chipotle on campus and everything would be perfect.

Don't tell me they have one of those now too >_>

2 days till Killzone :) I'm gonna try to knock out the campaign in one go Friday. I work over the weekend, so I won't be able to make it online until . . . Tuesday. Dangit.

y0haN3551d ago

More than just Target.. I have it and I'm from the UK, lol.

BlkFrnkWht3551d ago

I'm in Petersburg, VA, did anyone check the target in colonial heights? If not I guess I'm going to be getting my killing on Friday night.

CoolNumber93551d ago

I live not to far from Christansburg, VA and called last night but no game.

Eiffel3551d ago (Edited 3551d ago )



Nope..Could try the one in Norfolk.

Nonsense 4 Gamers3550d ago

I'm supposed to work Friday, Saturday and Sunday but I told my boss I'm going out of town so I got those 3 days off :D

BrianC62343550d ago

I want to know why we're being forced to wait until Friday for this game. Games aren't released on Fridays, they're shipped on Monday and out on Tuesday or Wednesday. This game should be out right now. Why did you do this to us Sony?

Siesser3550d ago

Think of it as getting the game 4 days early, rather than March 3rd.

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edwineverready3551d ago

amsterdam holland. servers are not on yet, but that gives me time for the single player.

edwineverready3551d ago

damn we Europeans still get shafted.

HDDVD183551d ago

the best fps of this gen

I_am_rushin3551d ago

Best FPS this gen so far.

You never know what the future will bring.

y0haN3551d ago

70 Euros? Jesus fck. I paid £35 for the collector's edition (and am playing it now).

krouse933551d ago

I need this now! But i already preordered at gamestop!!!!!!!CAN"T WAIT!

donalbane3551d ago

So, just tell Gamestop that you want to either A) transfer your down payment to another game, or B) would like a refund. Either way, pre-orders don't lock you in or anything. I expect many, many people aren't going to buy the game at Gamestop and just pre-ordered there to get that demo.

Blackcanary3551d ago (Edited 3551d ago )

Dear Mr Britton,

Order number(s): 04518100/P

I am delighted to let you know that your Preorder for Killzone 2 is now being processed subject to successful payment being taken from your credit card when it is dispatched. The order will be despatched by your chosen delivery method in time to reach you for the day of release.

By using the GAME 1st To Play Preorder Service you have ensured that you will be among the first people to receive Killzone 2, and we are confident that you will be happy with the order, our service and our speedy delivery!

I can't wait to open and play this beast gonna do some food shopping so i'm all ready for this weekend. Got my Pro Plus ready to wont be sleeping till i've clocked and completed this beast its MGS4 all over again.

FantasyStar3551d ago

Your last name is Britton? How cliche' :)

Blackcanary3551d ago

Yeah i know lol i love my last name and if i told u my middle name then u would laugh even more lol

FantasyStar3551d ago

I won't ask out of respect then. Mr. Britton. Reminds me of James Bond.