Metacritic and the condemnation of games

Justin Kemppainen, Minnesota Games Examiner, writes:

The purpose of the site Metacritic is well-known to many folks. Just in case you don't know, it is a site that takes the reviews from various critical sources for various media (games, movies, etc) and posts a numerical average of all of the scores. This, in turn, is used by lots of people who can see the overall gist of how quality their product is, based on a 1-100 scale.

Unfortunately, when it comes to video games, you find most often that the scale shrinks (this, of course, being the fault of critics), to a 7-10 scale. Only the truly atrocious/unplayable receive below that mark, and critics of late have been much more generous in dishing out the perfect 10s (which is idiotic). If a video game gets an 80 or lower on Metacritic, it is practically doomed to fail.

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brycespitler3552d ago

seriously how some ppl will religiously follow that site as it is the god of video game judgment is ridiculous

do you know how many people didn't buy really good games because of metacritic?

i guarantee alot...

heavenly sword and mirror's edge were completely screwed over by metacritic.

and the whole variety score system is retarded.
if they supposedly email the guy what score they would give it then maybe they should put it in their actual review so everyone can see it.
edge is so inconsistent with their reviews compared to the norm, i dont think they should be on there either.

same as alot of random blog sites shouldnt be there either

it works for movies and shows but not for games

PirateThom3552d ago


The metascore reviews rarely match my opinion. Mass Effect and Uncharted would have better ratings, BioShock would be rated lower, but that's just my opinion, which I came to by actually playing the games.

brycespitler3552d ago (Edited 3552d ago )

i checked metacritic review sites and noticed that "absolute" gaming site or whatever isnt on their list but they put out their review anyways...

gave them an email about fixing it

they dont even follow their own rules so idk why other ppl follow their scores to heart