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What Sony next steps should be with HOME

From the onset of trophies, Sony and others have seemed to hint at the integretion of trophies in HOME. One of the favorite rumors would allow trophy whores to show off their gamer status by displaying 3D models of trophies in HOME. Some speculate that your gamer level will allow special access in HOME to events, rooms or even more rumored, allow for purchases based on some form of trophy "currency". Now rumors of 2.7 have started circulating and HOME information hasn't been noted. Sony should make a move and get trophies integreted into the HOME experience to drag us less involved into the virtual world. (Culture, Home, PS3, PSP, Xbox 360)

_Q_  +   2035d ago
Wheres my damn
Trophie room?

You also should be able to show be you screen and video captures inside you apartment. I think that'd be cool. Or a video capture of the previous home launch session.
SupaPlaya  +   2035d ago
Should also be able to
unlock new items with trophies (instead of just paying for it).
TheTwelve  +   2035d ago
Whatever. If Sony keeps on getting hot movie-makers to show up in Home, it's a wrap.

Doppy  +   2035d ago
Trophy room.
More home spaces.
More developer rooms.
Conferences (have GDC, E3, Lipseig, and TGS in PS Home)
Is voice chat back?
More bowling lanes, games, etc... (We need at least 4x the number of lanes)
Streamline more (less loading, you shouldn't have to load a room every time you enter it)
Sell content in cheap packs (you would sell more clothes and furniture if they were sold in packs instead of separately and were no more than $5)

All this is a good start to making Home a place where you continually want to visit with your friends.
Tarasque  +   2035d ago
Trophy room would be a great addition to home, and please maybe game launching would be sweet also.
Socomer 1979  +   2035d ago
how about a xbum shooting gallery.
when they die they get rroded.
HardcoreGamer19  +   2035d ago
What Sony next steps should be with HOME
Stop charging stuff for home should be the next step. 1$ for pants, 20$ for a club. Soon there will be a fee a year to use home if we let this happen. Come on now, Sony is taking advantage of us!
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PirateThom  +   2035d ago
They don't charge for the service, they don't charge for online, they don't make you buy the stuff...

I'd rather they keep charging for little things, so I can just ignore them.
HardcoreGamer19  +   2035d ago
That's the thing if people don't buy it, The only choice they would have is to make it free but if alot of people buying it the more they will charged us for stuff. For a example EA with battlefield Bad company.
NaiNaiNai  +   2035d ago
i don't see why i would have to pay a 2$ to get a new couche, when i already spent 500 bucks on the system. T.T
SupaPlaya  +   2035d ago
You don't "have to pay" it. Getting the couch is optional.
NaiNaiNai  +   2035d ago
you also DONT need online play on the xbox 360. its optional.

glad we settled that.
claney  +   2035d ago
Yes Gold Iive is Optional
But how many games out there are worth the AU$100 for the single player game only lol, good luck.
Johnny Rotten  +   2035d ago
I use to rip on HOME for being a useless tool to nickle and dime you but just recently I put all that aside because I got to meet up with a buddy 8hrs away who I haven't seen in 2 years. It's a lot more personal than a phone call and cheaper too!

edit: @ Nai, because he has a PS3 and Home is right there! hopefully when Sony gets things moving we can actually hook up in Home and do a game launch (someday this will happen... some day lol). And besides Skype would be the same as videochat another service you can do over the PSN!
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NaiNaiNai  +   2035d ago
why not use skype. >.>
VampHuntD  +   2035d ago
That's pretty cool. Did you just run into your old buddy in HOME? If so, how did you know it was that person?

In any case, it shows that PS3 cures cancer with Folding@Home and reconnects people in HOME. :)
NaiNaiNai  +   2035d ago
a 10$ web cam on pc is the same as any ps3 web cam for 40$. skype is completely free as well. unless you want to call someones phone. so i see it as cheaper, isn't that what you guys always talk about, ps3 is cheaper cause it free online.
kewlkat007  +   2035d ago
Scrape it..
...Really is no need for HOME..add robust features to XMB fans actually want and stop wasting time and money on HOME, which will probably be in Beta for a while.
Solidsnakex23  +   2035d ago
yea it will be in beta form for a while...
Heck even N4G is in beta too (2.0). It doesn't matter if Home stays in beta form forever, just as long as they keep adding things into it I won't mind. I met a couple of friends online that I don't believe I would've met in my life time in Home. I just don't think people should knock a FREE software that can be really fun if you go into it giving it an actual chance. I for one like Home be it that I do not use it that often at all.
devilhunterx  +   2035d ago
Adult only room?
Bengoshi-San  +   2035d ago
Bring it baby!
The gaming war (if that's what you want to call it), is not going to be decided by the NXE or HOME, neither of those two entities encompass enough gamers to engage in a social environment to warrant all the work and money that has gone into those ideas.

Sony needs to shift it's attention to basic marketing 101 tactics, and Microsoft needs to just keep doing what theyre doing and make sure that they put out enough good games to counterattack all the good ps3 exclusives coming out.

As a multi-console owner, I for one love the competition between MS and Sony, it lets them both learn from their mistakes, improve and bring their A game.
TheTwelve  +   2035d ago
Agreed. People who want everything melded into one, who want everything multi-console, and perhaps even want there to be only one console need to study the long-term effects of socialism/communism.

fallingdove  +   2035d ago
Its still a work in progress, I imagine more integration is coming...
Given how relatively new Home is, I imagine that the support will increase as time goes on. In the begining first party properties will be likely candidates, but even with the recent release of Street Fighter IV, companies like capcom are begining to embrace the idea.

-I was just given a new Street Fighter IV Akuma T-Shirt for use in Home for receiving a difficult trophy. It got me back into home - if only just to check out what the tshirt looked like. (these concepts will continue to expand)
Tiberium  +   2035d ago
What Sony next steps should be with HOME
That's the worst English I've heard in a while. But for starters, they could remove the lines to play stupid arcade games.
y0haN  +   2035d ago
Trash it and start making GAMES, cross-game invites and voice chatting from anywhere.
fallingdove  +   2035d ago
By start making games..
You mean start making games in addition to Kilzone 2, Uncharted 2, Heavy Rain, God of War 3, the new ICO game, and Rachet and Clank Future 2?

They have more first party games in development than any other platform; frankly, my wallet weeps at night because of it so I don't mind inconsequential console bonuses like home. -as trivial as they may be at times.
y0haN  +   2034d ago
Funny how you chose to ignore the other features I listed, perhaps because Sony's neglected them for too long.
OldParr  +   2035d ago
sup with paying for silly stuff that does not contribute anything to my life. it should be free since it also advertise brands!!!
AKNAA  +   2035d ago
Your Avatar in a First person shooter!
You know what would make Home sick as F$#K and actually attract Hardcore gamers???... If they created a home space based on a first person shooter theme, where your avatar goes into First person view/ or stay in third person( whatever fits you best) and have a free for all Gun battle, capture the flag, whatever multi-player mode you prefer! and considering that Home is for everyone, It could be as harmless as a FPS paintball match or something.
Think about it... dress your avatar in whatever way you like and enter the warzone against every other home user!
miasma  +   2035d ago
I like the paintball idea, I could imagine paint all over the place!! POP, POP, POP!
You could even have tournaments where we could win stuff instead of paying for it...
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AKNAA  +   2035d ago
We could be getting somewhere here...
@miasma thanks bro,

the winner of the paintball Home tournament wins credit to buy home stuff I guess?! even a bigger reason to play in home.
Cajun Chicken  +   2035d ago
Getting rid of loading between locations, make it all seamless, have jump and run buttons, allow me to stream my pictures into my space, ingame soundtracks.
Jsynn7  +   2035d ago
Surprise Surprise!
This is a little off topic but I was just playing Street Fighter 4 and I just unlocked a T-shirt for my Home avatar. I think that is absolutely awesome. Sony should keep it up with that. If they implemented this with every game(especially 3rd party devs), they will definitely see a major shift in software sales.
Cajun Chicken  +   2035d ago
Really? That's totally cool!
Magna Farta  +   2035d ago
What I would love to see for HOME....
...is some sense of personal achievement for your online self.

You start yourself off in your apartment, with little to nothing to do, except maybe build a few stats. Find a job that consists of completing some mini-game for money, and use it to better yourself. Maybe get in some better shape, buy some nice stuff...WITHOUT using real money...and then go off to adventure.

Me, I like looking out of my apartment, seeing those boats and forest off in the distance, and hope one day I can actually go out there and DO something. Like hop on a boat and fish with a bunch of people. Or go out in the woods and maybe camp or hunt or build a fire and get a trophy for it.

Then, my best idea for home...HOME ARENA. Get your guy in some decent shape, hop into a ring and have at it with another denizen of HOME. Granted I know if they actually made a HOME ARENA then there would be no point in anything else being in HOME...just a suggestion.
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Stretchystrong  +   2034d ago
Make it not lame.

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