Restaurant Promotion: Little Caesars Begins Scratch-Off Game

Little Caesar Enterprises, Inc. and Pepsi today announced a national scratch-off game promotion "Buzz in to Win" in cooperation with Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA). This promotion includes national marketing and advertising components and offers Little Caesars' customers across the country a chance to win one of 450 PlayStation Trivia Prize Packs, including BUZZ! games, PLAYSTATION 3, PlayStation 2, and PSP. BUZZ! trivia games bring an immersive game show experience for up to eight players straight to your living room.

"Little Caesars provides consumers high-quality pizza and other products at a great value, and with this promotion, everyone is a winner," said Linda "LJ" Jaworski, senior vice president of marketing and communications, Little Caesar Enterprises, Inc. "Little Caesars is excited to team up with Pepsi and SCEA to offer our customers even more fun, food and entertainment."

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Your biggest game ever (with a lot at stake) is about to come out and you decide to market BUZZ? Your marketing dept this gen = tards

I know KZ2 is going to sell a lot of games and some systems but it could have been a lot more. geeez.

doctorstrange3583d ago

im just happy the marketing are doing something


Buzz is a great game and finaly getting some recognition as it deserves .

Johnny Rotten3583d ago

"Little Caesars provides consumers high-quality pizza"

Umm ya I guess if you like eating cardboard.