Halo Wars Dev On Disassembling Ensemble

Brendan Sinclair Writes:

"LAS VEGAS--It's not uncommon for game conferences to play host to game postmortems; that is, frank discussions from developers about what worked and what didn't with their latest efforts. This week's D.I.C.E. Summit played host to a postmortem of a different kind, as Bruce Shelley, cofounder of Microsoft's shuttered Ensemble Studios, reflected on what led the Halo Wars studio to its demise"

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solideagle13581d ago

very very good studio. i hope they figure out what to do next.

ThatCanadianGuy3581d ago

I agree.Great studio indeed.I loved all their games.

Hell,i played Age of Empires 2 for almost two full years before Getting hooked on Age Of Mythology for another two years.

Hopefully they keep making their legendary RTS games.
It would be a shame to see such talent dissapear.

lord_of_balrogs3581d ago (Edited 3581d ago )

I'm sure Robot and the other Bonfire Studios will continue to make the RTS' we know and love.

I plan to support Halo Wars and show my appreciation to Ensemble. The demo sold me on the game and even though it isn't as complex as other RTS' I play it's still good fun.

I can't wait to read the string of "flops" that will be written in the open zone.

Buttons3581d ago

Damn, I gotta find my disc for AoM and Titans. That game brings back memories.

Exquisik3581d ago

Journalists and Medias need to stop calling Ensemble Studios 'The Halo Wars Studio'! For Pete's sake, Ensemble did not get popular because of Halo Wars, they made many good RTS games before Halo Wars such as Age of Empires and Age of Mythology! Sure Halo may be a more popular franchise and Halo Wars is new, but give credit to where credit is due.

It's sad to see Ensemble Studio breaking up. I know half of the team will remain with Microsoft new developing team, wonder where the other half will go. I hope they will continue to create legendary RTS games as well.

DJ3581d ago

And broke up the team. Their debut Console Game is really impressive, and they could've ended up making an RTS that rivaled Starcraft (especially with the rich Halo mythology). Unfortunately, Microsoft doesn't like having a diverse and large number of first party studios.