Killzone 2 multiplayer screen

KILLZONE 2 : all multiplayer maps revealed in HD screen! Look down...

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DavidMacDougall3503d ago

That looks like its going to be hard

Yipee Bog3502d ago

or is there a Master Chief helmet on the 42nd screen? Maybe photoshop or an ode to halo? pretty cool though, almost spilled my coffee

Jager3503d ago

Visari Hammer, so much win right there....

WhittO3503d ago

nice amount of maps with different variety included.

The only thing i hope this game gets patched for is co-op. Theres rumours that it will get patched and that it wont.

Think adding co-op will make this game even better for buyers.

goflyakite3503d ago

I can't wait to play with bots.
Main reason is I'm not always at a house with decent internet.
I don't bother playing online when I'm at the slow internet house.

LinuxGuru3503d ago

I just finished a thorough play-through of Killzone 2's entire campaign and then some multiplayer with bots, and I have to say....the bots work very well. You won't be disappointed.

Why o why3503d ago

true. the bots are also mean with the shotgun headshot and good at landing grenades at ur feet. Ive not finished the camp yet because of streetfighter

xabmol3503d ago

I never liked FPS online and the Helgast red eyes vs ISA blue lights seems a bit lopsided, especially on certain maps. Imagine being an ISA in a dark map. You'll be an easy target.

But I'm still gonna give it a try, and I hope its good.

I just wish they would turn the lights on the characters off. We don't need glowing eyes in multiplayer. Why try to balance the eye glow by adding more glow? Just turn it off!!

LinuxGuru3503d ago (Edited 3503d ago )

It's just as easy to point out the red eyes on the Helghast as it is to point out the blue lights on the ISA.

(a side note: The lights on the helghast and the ISA don't cast rays very far, so the environment around them won't be glowing like crazy unless they're physically leaning on something, and even then, the lights only cast about a 6 inch to 1-foot glow radius on the environment, depending on the way the character is leaning)

Also, the ISA have blue lights on their uniforms in the campaign, not just in multiplayer. They didn't just add the blue lights to balance out the glow from the helghast's red eyes.

But don't worry, your experience with the game first hand will show you that the wait was well worth it, and your silly doubts and concerns will immediately melt away upon pressing 'X' to start the game.

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