LOTRO Devs Release Guide

The developers of Lord of the Rings Online have been adding detailed information on different parts of their game to the official website, and the latest article is a guide to the area known as the Old Forest.

The guide takes players through the rough level they should be to enter the area, through to a list of monsters they might encounter.

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Maticus3559d ago

Very useful for beginners like me.

Dorjan3559d ago

More and more is going into this one. Looks like a keeper!

syrinx3559d ago

Ah cool, I just started LotRO again last month after a break.

Fyzzu3559d ago

God. Yet another MMO I'm going to have to avoid reactivating my account for.

creeping judas3559d ago

I love this game!!! hard to find time between some of the other great console games though??