GiN Review: Fallout 3: Operation Anchorage

GiN writes: "It was no real surprise that just when I had about explored every nook and cranny of the wasteland, that developer Bethesda Softworks decided it was time to come out with the first downloadable content pack (DLC) for Fallout 3. It's what they did to me with Oblivion, much to my joy. Called Operation Anchorage, the new content is a computer simulation (yes a simulation within the simulation) that recreates one of the pivotal battles from the Fallout world: the liberation of Alaska from the Red Chinese Communists.

The new content has the same hidden humor and hard-hitting action as the rest of the Fallout 3 universe, but also several problems that will probably keep it from being quite as well received as the main game. But for $10 (which must be spent as 800 Microsoft points) it's a good value, especially if you have completed the game and are looking for a quick fix without having to play through the entire thing again from scratch."

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