Fallout 3's mind blowing Hideo Kojima/Snatcher reference

As a big Hideo Kojima fan, I've always loved all the references and easter eggs he puts in his games giving the nod to some of his past titles. So when I heard about an easter egg in Fallout 3 giving the nod to Hideo Kojima's cult classic Snatcher, I had to post it up. Snatcher was the second game Hideo Kojima game directed, after the iconic game Metal Gear for the MSX computer system. Snatcher too was for the MSX, although it was later ported to a myriad of other system, including the Sega CD, Saturn, and PlayStation. The game featured Gillian Seed, a man suffering from amnesia who's only memory connected him to snatchers, androids who kill and replace innocent members of society. Spoilers for both games follow.

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gauntletpython3589d ago

This is seriously the most epic reference. Love both games!

Megaton3589d ago

That game is packed full of references to other things. Really awesome.

SonyRulz3589d ago

I found the little house, but never ran across Gibson's body. It was driving me nuts, not being able to open up the house too. I'll have to go back and do more exploring, when I get the DLC. :)

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The story is too old to be commented.