IGN: Halo 3 Sandbox Interview, Part 2

Last week, Bungie introduced people to Sandbox and the rest of the Mythic Map Pack. They didn't, however, reveal the coolest feature of the new, massive Forge map. Today, Dan Miller, Designer at Bungie, and Chad Armstrong, Playlist Designer, answer more of IGN's questions and reveal the secret feature of Sandbox that is going to set the world of Forge designers on fire.

As it turns out, the ground floor isn't the only section of this map to get excited about. Bungie also reveals what they were hinting at with their Edge Awards acceptance video. All of that and more in this exclusive interview.

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calzvicsius3535d ago

This looks fantastic! And I thought sandbox looked customizable before. That map has a lot of potential.

ftwps33535d ago

sounds like it could give me a reason to use forge.