GameBosh Review: 3-on-3 NHL Arcade

GameBosh writes: "EA Sports doing a casual game for the PS3? Well, I never! NHL Arcade is the kind of game that would usually be found as an extra feature within the Wii versions of the full EA Sports titles, but here it is skating out onto the Playstation Network as a (moderately) cheap release. An XBLA version is due to follow, but sadly could wind up as being US-only, like MLB Stickball did.

The game runs on the basic NHL game engine, with a few twists. While the smaller teams is dictated in the title, it's actually 4-on-4, because both teams have 3 outfield players and a goalie too. Also, despite the NHL name, you don't play as genuine teams, instead you merely have the choice between the Red Team and the Blue Team, which are made up of NHL players."

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OGharryjoysticks3475d ago

but overall its kinda sucky. Reminds me of NFL tour