Editorial: Evolution of RPG's - Gamers Don't Want an End?

From Pool of Radiance to Secrets of the Silver Blades to Final Fantasy, the RPG had a final boss or stage and often had some type of level cap. Today, gamers don't want it to end, they'd rather have the option to wonder around aimlessly or completing minor quests in order to soak up every ounce of money they spent on the title.

Do you like your RPG's to have a definite end and a high but capped level, or would you rather a game go on forever?

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Jager3575d ago

Actually, i believe its the opposite... thats what makes RPGs great is their endings (Or suck)... like FFX, FF tatics, FF7... all had great endings... other rpgs ahve piss poor stories and endings (Oblivion, Morrowind, Fallout 3) so having the ability to play after beating it can keep some people around for it...

JonahFalcon3575d ago

JPRGs aren't real roleplaying games - you're just playing someone else's story. You can't change the story one whit.

Deus Ex, now that was a true RPG that had real meaningful endings.

Da One3575d ago


nwhether you play as someone else story or your own you assume the role, that's all it takes

JonahFalcon3575d ago

If I wanted an immutable story which I couldn't change because the author wants it only one way, I'll read a book or watch a movie.