How To Create The Ultimate LOST Video Game

Kombo writes:

"I've been a fan of Lost going on two seasons now (including this one), struggling to play catch-up while embracing its awesomeness as one of the best shows on television. I got into Lost sometime after the Writers' Strike took all of my other favorite shows on television (Chuck and Terminator: TSCC, namely, which you should be watching because they're great, too). I was immediately sucked into the world of the island, Flight 815, The Dharma Initiative, Desmond's psychic powers and Sayid's undisputed badass Bourne-style activities.

So, naturally, as a Lost fan and a gamer, when I found out about Lost: Via Domus, I was happy. Lost + video game = awesome, right? My friends -- also Lost fans and gamers -- who bought Lost: Via Domus before I got a chance to, though, weren't so happy and their reactions convinced me not to buy it."

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Raoh3336d ago

it could use a reboot.

using the flashback method in metal gear solid 4 is a start.

more challenging puzzles.

the main characters story (not related to the show) was actually good. but the main cast story/dialogue etc was weak. not just because of the fake voices.

i finished it. glad i did. but disappointed.

even if it was like the game MYST it would have been better.