Multiple Windows 7 versions coming?

Engadget writes:

"These pictures supposedly come from a new build of the Windows 7 beta, 7025. It goes without saying that while we knew this was a possibility, we've been seriously wishing against it. We hope these are fake (and they very well could be), but seriously Microsoft... don't even think about this.

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jay23458d ago

Erm, the betas called windows 7 ultimate. so but obvous.

andyo133457d ago

choose a window's

(spins wheel)

GWAVE3457d ago

Microsoft never learns their lesson. Oh well. It'll be funny to see them plummet to their unfortunate doom. Hopefully they'll get wise and try to learn from their mistakes instead of pretending that they never made a mistake in the first place.

SaiyanFury3457d ago

The Windows 7 beta addresses a lot of the problems that were present in Vista. Sure it's what Vista should've been but they got a lot of things right. Native driver support is one of those things. Windows 7 looks to address a lot of the great things XP did, but also continues the great performance in XP. The build is fast! Faster than XP, but the gaming area has yet to be addressed. DX10 is still slower than DX9. But with driver updates it could be faster eventually. Lord knows that memory management is better as well.

Gue13458d ago (Edited 3458d ago )

no, not again!

Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit, Windows 7 Home 32-bit, Windows Business 32-bit, Windows 7 *FPP 32-bit, Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit, Windows 7 Home 64-bit, Windows Business 64-bit, Windows 7 FPP 64-bit, Windows 7 *upgrade Ultimate 32-bit, Windows 7 upgrade Home 32-bit, Windows 7 upgrade Business 32-bit, Windows upgrade 7 FPP 32-bit, Windows 7 upgrade Ultimate 64-bit, Windows 7 upgrade Home 64-bit, Windows 7 upgrade Business 64-bit, Windows 7 upgrade FPP 64-bit


*FPP = For Poor People
*upgrade = for those poor souls that got stuck with Vista and don't have the money to buy another OS at full retail price.

Lord Anubis3458d ago

so they are introducing windows 7 starter and use it for the Windows 7 ready PCs.

Darkseider3458d ago

You would think they would have learned from the Vista debacle but NOOOOO... Stupid is as stupid does and MS seems to be following the same recipe for FAIL. Apple has it right with OS X just like Linux has it right as well. They deserve to crumble due to this stupidity. Just make ONE Windows 7 like they did with Windows 2000 Professional and make the same 3 tiers of Windows server, Standard, Enterprise and SBS. That has been a winning combo for a long time maybe if they took a look back at when they MADE money they would see this and go back to it.

drewdrakes3458d ago

Or...youre stupid. You think they want to release all these versions? Look at what the EU is making them do. They HAVE to release versions that have certain software omitted because the EU are a bunch of losers who have nothing better to do and are basically trying to steal money from Microsoft. The US should file a case in the International courts to stop this stupid crap. As evil as anyone might think Microsoft is, they are losing money for no reason.

Proof: The EU wants Microsoft to release a version without Internet Explorer. Question: How would you download the browser you want if you cant access the internet? I dont want to have to download an exe, put it on a usb drive, then carry it from one computer to another. Thats just retarded.

Lord Anubis3458d ago

drewdrakes you should do your homework. The EU only follows what the company and consumers demand. FOr your information Microsoft must supply the other webbrowsers with the installation of windows.

I understand you are young and consequently ... but you should do your homework before you try to correct people. IE has an unfair advantage by being provided with the installation. THe US should and will eventually follow suit. Don't let yourself get blinded again.

claney3457d ago

i dont care, microsoft have made an OS (even if its just usless code lol) they should be aloud to have their IE in it, else they will soon be bundling VLC player, Real Player and all those too, then where does it stop.

if a person doesnt know there is other or doesnt know how to get other internet programs then they dont need them because they are usless at using a computer as it is and having the option of add-ons and this java script engine isnt going to help them much lol

josh143993458d ago

this is why i hate msoft why cant they just make one version

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