How Blu-ray Can Avoid Failure

Livedigitally writes: "Just read David Carnoy's piece on "9 reasons why Blu-ray will succeed". I like David, but I couldn't disagree more with his post (though not the individual points, as you'll see below). And since it's feeling like we're in a free country where I can say what I want (again, at last), I'll run through my counterpoints really quick:"

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Parapraxis3492d ago

Sad attempt.
This "article" brings no new arguments to the table.
Just the same played out notions that are constantly getting proved wrong.
I'm not going to even bother going into to detail on the many points this guys has wrong or off-base.
The title alone proves that this guy is completely out of touch with consumer trends and the adoption of Blu-ray.
Blu-ray has already succeeded, there's no way in undoing it.
To the author and all the people blindlessly hating on Blu-ray.
Suck it up, bite your tongue and embrace the only viable medium for widespread hi-definition content on the market today.
You want DVD, keep it, but personally I like to see technology evolving, and that next step has been taken already, it's Blu-ray.
Argue till your blue in the face about how you don't like it or think it's unneccisary, but the masses have spoken.

XxZxX3491d ago

tell that to DD that failed to get 1% of market share after years in the market.

arika3491d ago

oh another one of those hohum stories. i guess news on n4g was slower than i thought.

Graphics Whore3491d ago

That 0.5-1% DD market coverage sure is dominating over Blu-Ray's ever increasing success. /sarcasm

duarteq3491d ago

Blu-Ray already is a Selling Machine...

Roger Out.

Vitalogy3491d ago

This guys still can't get enough of doing this worthless/pointless articles...