Microsoft's days as an unstoppable force are over

Telegraph writes:

"And it's cutting 5,000 jobs, the first big layoffs in its 33-year history. The economic mess has highlighted Microsoft's vulnerabilities. It is time for boss Steve Ballmer to stop dabbling in unprofitable business ventures and focus on his exposed core product lines.
Even in the downturn, Microsoft remains the 800-pound gorilla of the software industry. It earned $4.2bn last quarter. But that's an 11pc drop from a year ago and well below what the market expected.
Shareholders responded by wiping some $14bn of value off Microsoft's market capitalisation following the announcement.Its layoffs are even more worrying than its earnings disappointment."

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Kinetix3461d ago

Looks like the media is going after microsoft now. Hey, everybody is fair game up in here.

Genesis53461d ago (Edited 3461d ago )

Oh no! You mean they are going to have to share the market like all other companies do. As a consumer it is always nice to have choices.

Chris3993461d ago

They'll eat that up like a puppy in a pool full of piranhas.

The media/ populace love to see giants tumble. The bigger they are the harder they fall, and the higher the ratings rise.

Le Idiotce3461d ago (Edited 3461d ago )

The article speaks about facts.

Unprofitable business the XBOX 360 division.
And it comes as no surprise seeing how the XBOX division is the focus of Steve Balmers wrath.

Dont be surprised to see MS pull out of the console business and the 360 being MS last console.

And then what? Then you have fallen for their lies with respect to HD DVD format, the digital download thing, the 44 different 360 SKUs, their lies about HDMI and the harddisks, their lies about movies and more.

GWAVE3461d ago

It's only fair. Microsoft replaced innovation and creativity for buy-outs. Their policy of playing "me too" and buying up any market they enter was going to catch up to them sooner or later. Hopefully they can learn from their mistakes and recover, but then again, when you're Microsoft and you don't actually admit your mistakes...well, it's kinda hard to learn from those mistakes if you don't admit they exist, isn't it?

Cajun Chicken3461d ago

Couldn't of said it better myself.

DaKid3461d ago

"Dont be surprised to see MS pull out of the console business and the 360 being MS last console." I disagree with this, but do you really want that to happen? Knowing that Microsoft Pulled out of the console business, which in the process would mean a staggering amount of people lost their jobs both domestically and abroad. and a possible decline in an industry I assume you are interested in (gaming). Same goes for Sony, I would hate to see either go. A fan war is one thing, hoping for the destruction of the competition is another. Just think about that for a minute. ;-)

Agent VX3461d ago

Wow, what a bunch of unfounded lies you have told.

I doubt that MS will pull out of the console business, it is too important for them as they seek to invade the home media business. The 360 is doing very good, out selling the last 2 generations heavy weight, the Playstation brand which is taking a brutal beating this generation. The Xbox division is surviving, something in which Sony can't say as they lose their shirts on the PS3.

I like the 360, but if they don't improve on the quality of their machine, I will pass on them next generation and just stick with PC, or maybe Playstation if they have a better business plan. I have given up on Nintendo way back just after the SNES, in my opinion, their last good console. The Wii is just plain, a joke!!!

I don't like the fact that I have to pay a fee for online when the 2 other competitors are free. But playing on PSN, I see you do actually get what you pay for. XBL is easily without question, the better service by far, though I still don't like paying.

I really don't understand your childish rant on HD DVD??? Their was 2 competing formats, MS backed the wrong format. But having a PS3 and access to bluray movies, I just don't buy them because they are still way overpriced.

44 different 360 SKUs??? The arcade, the Premium and Elite, that counts as 3!!! Oh, I forgot, they added HDMI and changed the 20gb model to 60gb model. Sport, I don't understand the HDMI, Harddisk or movie thing either. But I realized quite early on your childish rant, their isn't one true thing you have said.

Anyway, it always suck to see people lose their jobs regardless of what company they come from. People have families and this can be devastating to them.

Information Minister3461d ago

Make that 5 SKUs:
- Core
- Arcade
- Premium
- Pro
- Elite

thats_just_prime3461d ago

Funny no one acted like this when sony laid of people plus MS still turned a profit unlike sony. Given the times I say they are still doing extremely well. I think wondows 7 will help turn things around for them too

Oner3461d ago (Edited 3461d ago )

Minister what about all the revisions of the hardware? How many in total are those? I think that is what Le Idiotce meant to imply with that crazy "amount" not SKU's as he said it.

Maddens Raiders3461d ago

"1.2 - I've been watching this take shape for a while. If you think that the media is having it's way with Sony, wait till MS start to display weakness.
They'll eat that up like a puppy in a pool full of piranhas.

The media/ populace love to see giants tumble. The bigger they are the harder they fall, and the higher the ratings rise."

your post is spot on. Kudos.

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TheExodus3461d ago

I don't know, Vista may have been an abysmal failure but nobody's cross-grading to Linux because of it. MS is likely just readying itself for a significant decline in revenue as corporate customers reign in their IT budgets.

360 man3461d ago

ive got vista its quite good to be honest (providing you have a good computer)

on the other hand linux is absalute garbage and hard to use

GWAVE3461d ago

360 Man, I'd give your comment a fair response if I didn't already know that you were a raging Microsoft fanboy. Try Ubuntu. Just try it. And guess what? It's completely free.

PotNoodle3461d ago

Ubuntu totally defeats the whole purpose of linux. Gentoo/Arch linux ftw.

lordgodalming3461d ago

"Vista may have been an abysmal failure but nobody's cross-grading to Linux because of it."

I haven't gone to Linux, but after the better part of a year struggling with Vista on two high-end laptops (mine and my wife's), we have both gone back to XP and the difference is staggering. I suppose if I were really hard core, I'd go back to Win98. I'm hoping that the "reining in" that you're predicting is actually a come-to-Jesus with the whole Windows team to get either Vista or Windows 7 working like an acceptable retail product.

hfaze3461d ago

"on the other hand linux is absalute garbage and hard to use"

N00b... :-)

paul-p19883460d ago

Your post is spot on, bubbles to you :)

Ubuntu is brilliant, once i installed it (dual-booted coz i thought i wouldnt like it as i had only used windows), i fell in love with it, and shortly after i wiped Windows from my PC and have never looked back. Everything i could do on Windows, i can do on Linux easier, and that even includes gaming (which, most of my games run better on Linux than they did on Windows, even though they were made for windows.....)

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ZILLA3461d ago

its a cheap toy,not a media MONSTER like the mighty PS3!!!PLAY B3YOND waaaaaaaaaaaaay B3YOND!!

Le Idiotce3461d ago

which according to him was the end of 2008...

Im confused.

GiantEnemyLobster3461d ago

sony? haha, good joke.

Apple? Oh whats that, steve jobs is in the hospital? Look at Apple stocks tumble!

OOG3461d ago

ah well and then it will bounce back as usual with Windows 7 and more version of Microsoft Office...just like they always do...when corporations go for an upgrade again.... its like clockwork and happens every few years....

And since Windows 7 is getting pretty much a really good response lately... it may be the thing they need in order to bounce back....

but also this is a recession and its not like they are not still making 10+ billion in profit per year lmao

pippoppow3461d ago

That they have a dominant PC OS division. If they had some serious competition in regards to operating systems like they do in the browser market then thing would be worse.

Nathan Drake3461d ago

I think Google will announce their own OS in the not too distant future,with YouTube,Google Search,Gmail,Picasa,Google Maps,Blogger,and Google Chrome,its clear if they released an OS they could take a very significant chunk out of Microsofts marketshare.

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