GTAIV Modding After Patch

Rockstar Toronto just published there patch for GTAIV which has given many players a boost in preformance, but the new patch has ruined many mods that have been created. Many reports coming in that the patch has broken the ASI support due to the memory offsets that the patch has tweaked. GTAHQ has posted some solutions for you to try.

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TaylorFlatt3375d ago

Wow. I suppose the patch is welcomed by some and dreaded by others. I would go for the patch over the mods any day. Besides, the mods could always be tweaked to work with the new patch. At least Rockstar is always trying to increase their gameplay.

IllusionRSN3375d ago

Yes I agree kudos to R*, but R* Toronto delivered a horrible port of the game, I'm sure this won't be the last patch to come out.