GamingShogun's Preview of Prototype

GamingShogun writes, "One of the main aspects of the game is the NPC consuming system. The main device in dealing out the back-story of your situation is what the producers are calling the "Web of Intrigue." This is slowly completed over the course of the game as you absorb more and more people and gain access to the information locked away inside of their brains. The secondary, and coolest, benefit to consuming people is the ability to disguise yourself as them. This is a practical tactic if, say, there is a closely guarded area you need access to..."

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ThePoorman3610d ago

After seeing some video of this being played I think it is going to be a great playthrough. Those abilities look pretty crazy and I can't wait to consume my opponents. Something about that just makes me smile. "I'm not going to kill you, I am going to absorb you into my DNA!"