Killzone 2 Cannot Save The Playstation 3

Analoghype: It's not something new nor is it something surprising at this point in time: The Playstation 3 isn't a console for games to truly shine on. Without trying to stir up a pot of refried beans in the gaming community, I want to stimulate the discussion of an interesting point: Can PS3 users seriously rely on one game to keep their console of choice in the running?

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Stretch323412d ago

LMAO this is gona piss ppl off

Powertesties3412d ago

No, no game will save the PS3. Sony will save the PS3.
When they start turning of the features of the PS3, the market will turn.

Killzone 2 will be incredible and I am in the front line to purchase.

Hopefully enough people will pre-order it so they have a midnight launch. GET OUT THERE AND ORDER PEOPLE!

I say this because I have talked with 3 Gamestop stores already and so far, there is no plan for a midnight launch. They all stated, there hasn't been enough pre-orders to have a midnight launch.


I am hoping this will change.

Ghoul3412d ago

ps3 aint need saving
killzone 2 is major hit and system seller

why the hate ? noone hated that much on GeOW or Halo

dexterwang3412d ago

I agree.. no game can save the PS3... BUT thats because it doesn't need saving.

Good games are coming out, Blu ray is becoming established, a price drop is approaching, theres no way to go but up

Nineball21123412d ago

KeemJ... You're going to getttttttttt iiiiiiiit!! LOL

"The Playstation 3 isn't a console for games to truly shine on." - I vote this for the most uninformed comment of 2009 (so far this year).

Mindboggle3412d ago (Edited 3412d ago )

I DONT CARE !!!!!!!!!! PS3 is doing fine. Until we see PS3 hardware being outsold 10-1 by the 360(not wii, its a different market) like the xbox 1 was we dont need to worry.

PS3 and 360 will both co-exist for a long time.

xwabbit3412d ago

lol yay for more sad journalist's

Maddens Raiders3412d ago

link that I'll never click. Keep 'em coming boys...

The Lazy One3412d ago

thanks for that life enriching comment.

Parapraxis3412d ago

To quote KeemJ on a thread I started at The Bitbag forums:
"People like to hate. And the fact that it annoyed you so much proves my fact. You went and wrote a 3 paged article on ONE of our podcasts. Thats sure to bring us more hits. Thanks for the free publicity. The N4G thing was done on purpose too. I was purposely waiting for someone to argue with. Thing is here at Analoghype we don't care if you (people in general) hate us. When you hate you're gona come back to hate even more, hate turns into hits, hits turn into advertisements, advertisements turn into money."

Michael Jackson3412d ago (Edited 3412d ago )

And where we are met with cynicism and doubt and fear and those who tell us that we can't, we will respond with that timeless creed that sums up the spirit of the American people in three simple words..


Consoldtobots3412d ago

I see the fanboy journalists are off their ritalin again, nothing to see here folks just more fanboy regurtation of already beaten to death FUD against sony.

StayHigh3412d ago (Edited 3412d ago )

Rely on one game?? This is dude dont know what he is talking about at all..Sony PS3 got so many great exclusive games this year.. I cant wait to get a hold of Uncharted 2, Heavy Rain, White Knight Chronicles, Fat Princess, Mag, War Devil, God of War 3, Infamous, Team ICO game, and etc...

3412d ago
eagle213412d ago

An ASPIRIN cannot save the headache 360 only owners will have from a DULL line-up. Jump out. PS3 shines on it's on.

SL1M DADDY3412d ago

Another lame article written by some deprived child who has yet to actually graduate from high-school. Perhaps when you get a little older and rid yourself of the silly fanboy urge to write bias and uninformed articles, then maybe your words will mean something. Until then, live in the knowledge that you are making yourself look even more like a douche with every pathetic article you write.

lociefer3412d ago

you guyz no what , im beginning to like these articles , what is good about this one is that its up to the point , no runnin around like , can the ps3 be saved or , will killzone 2 save ps3 , no , this one cuts to the chase and says , killzone 2 cant save the ps3 , it is doomed and fk u all for buyin it , makes u wonder if 360 fanboys are takin over the web or not .

RussDeBuss3412d ago

For one reason and one reason only

T H E P S 3 D O E S N O T N E E D S A V I N G ! ! ! ! ! !

Simple as that.

Danja3412d ago

when did a console that has sold 20 million in 2 years needs saving..?

No KZ2 wont save the PS3 because the PS3 doesn't needs to be saved what KZ2 will do though is to show everyone why the PS3 is the best console for gaming on the market...

shoot we haven't even gotten GT5 , GOW3 , FF13 & FF13 Versus

lociefer3412d ago

apparently some dont understand sarcasm until u type /sarcasm

Maddens Raiders3412d ago

i understand what you mean but hit disagree first....

here i'll give you one back

sorry mate

Aclay3412d ago

I never expected Killzone 2 to "Save" the PS3, but Killzone 2 definantly will create an even greater interest in the PS3 just like how Metal Gear Solid 4 did.

Ever since the PS3 first came out, there's been a lot of people basically just "waiting on the sidelines" or "on the fence" about buying a PS3 and they've been waiting for that certain game to make them justify a PS3 purchase, and Killzone 2 is a game that's going to do it without a doubt.

Like I said, I don't expect KZ2 to "Save" the PS3, but after KZ2 comes out, a lot of people are definantly going to be buying PS3's for it, and once the PS3 gets a price cut, even more people are going to be buying PS3's for Killzone 2.

The thing about the PS3 that makes it so different is that there's TONS of franchises under the Playstation belt and TONS of people are just waiting on certain games to come out before buying a PS3. Some people are waiting for God of War 3 before getting a PS3, then there's some other people that are waiting on KZ2 before getting a PS3... and then there's some other people that may be waiting until Gran Turismo 5 comes out before getting a PS3, etc... None of these games will "Save" the PS3, but they will boost sales and create a greater interest in the PS3 as each game comes out.

sak5003412d ago

Midnight launch? LMAO. The only midnight launch ps3 owners would attend would be of a bluray movie of Dark Knight calibre.

shovelbum3412d ago

The article actually makes sense for what the author is trying to convey but the question is why does the PS3 need saving? It appears to be doing just fine, not as good as Sony expected but good enough IMO. The problem I see with PS3 owners myself included is that the software just isn't selling as impressively as with the 360. If multi-platform then I buy for the xbox and it appears that countless others do as well. Look at the numbers from nearly all games on both consoles and the 360 is selling many times more, millions more in several cases (Bioshock, AC, Oblivion,COD 4/WAW, GTAIV, etc..). Hardware numbers alone do not justify this disparateness. As impressive as KZ2 is shaping up to be, I'd be very surprised if it moves 1 million units in a week yet alone a day. It would be amazing if it sold more than MGS4 during the first week (1.7 million or so) but since that game was actually advertised, I don't see it happening. Regardless the PS3 doesn't need a savior.

cherrypie3412d ago

LMAO for sure. Will KZ2 be a good title? Perhaps, but Sony hasnt shown it to anyone outside the sony-payroll. My "bs detector" is going a mile a minute with all these "Official Playstation Magazine Poland" reviews -- you know why they get first look reviews? Because Sony knows they wont give a bad review, unless they want to get cut-off.

Beyond that, the question "will it save the PS3?" no. I dont think so. The november and december numbers spoke VOLUMES. There is very little hope that KZ2 will sell outside of the existing owner-base, and will probably sell about R2-levels (500k-750k).

KZ1 was abysmal and lack luster. KZ2 looks like it has bene "inspired" by a couple recently popular FPS titles from the leading Next Gen platform.

I just feel very sorry for the members of this board saying "PS3 is doing fine!". PS3 is solidly in 3rd. It is almost *impossible* for a console to have sales declines in November and December. The *same* think happened to Dreamcast.

Needles3412d ago

Well, unfortunately, i don't know where the hate comes from, but saying "no one hated "HALO""?...that s way far from fact, halo haters exist in every forum waiting for something wrong in halo to bash upon. thats just to give u a small idea of how much people hate halo apart from the people playing it.

<3 HALO <3

Wizeguy213412d ago

What about halo 3 MS relied on it! 1 game!!! dude How did this article get approved?

TheBlackSmoke3412d ago

..that the PS3 is already way past the point of needing to be saved. Consoles like the Dreamcast failed because it only managed to sell around 10 million units total and was so overwhelmed by the PS2 to the point that no one had interest in buying Dreamcast once PS2 launched.

Just because PS3 is 3rd in sales this doesn't mean that it is on the edge of defeat. All 3 consoles have gotten their install base to a number at which they can easily all co-exist. Even if next year 360 has 37 million and PS3 30 million sold, the difference no longer becomes relevant as NO publisher is going to ignore the PS3s install base of 30 million. games journalists, if i can even call them that, need to focus on talking about games and leave the economics to the financial experts because most obviously have no f#@kin clue.

edgeofblade3412d ago

I mostly hear from people who claim the PS3 doesn't need saving and "know" that Killzone 2 "is" awesome based on beta testers' feedback. They spew propaganda like a militant revolutionary. Because they know something on that level is necessary to save the PS3. The game isn't even out yet. Honestly, the beta participants can't be considered unbiased because they got beta access as a "gift" of sorts.

Killzone 2 probably isn't going to be the greatest thing in the world, but there are plenty of people who will "force" it to be great out of pure, unfiltered fanboism. It's also probably not going to outright suck either. But the hype for Haze was roughly equivalent, and every one knows how everyone leaned on that game to be the PS3's savior. And that was at best an average game.

FrankenLife3412d ago

Srsly????? The PS3 doesn't need saving. It is a great console for games to shine on, and they do. The PS3 isn't relying on one game in 2009. It has a hefty list of fantastic games. Why do these haters feel such a strong need to spread hate about PS3, that when a game like KZ2 comes out they use it to hate on the console even moar? People like this are pathetic. Fishing for hits on N4G with hate is low and pathetic. Try writing something interesting, and thought provoking. GTFO the internet, you fail at the internet.

Ghoul3412d ago

@Needles i said "that much" sure everywhere are haters, but the hate on killzone2 and the ps3 wen straigt trough the roof.

its redicolous

SaiyanFury3412d ago


Another day, another anti-Sony article. More run of the mill journalism. See you guys tomorrow at the next one.

aftrdark213412d ago

Dang I am so tired of these articles... oh btw loved this quote
"Can PS3 users seriously rely on one game to keep their console of choice in the running?" It seemed to work for the original Xbox with a little game called Halo.........

ultimolu3412d ago

They're spooked about something, that's for sure.

prunchess3412d ago

Do not click the link to this story. Hits are all this site is looking for with such a lame article.

na2ru13412d ago

if you haven't clicked on the link.

Nicolator3412d ago

AS IN.. seriously.. all console have beautiful sales and will i said WILL coexist with each other.. no one needs any savings coz there are enough who will still buy any system.. so ps3 is fine..

acedoh3412d ago

that afraid of the effect of Killzone 2??? Do they feel that threatened by a shooter coming out on the PS3???

I think they do. Those who rely on one console. Who identify only with the 360. Those who believe only the best shooters should be on the 360.

This group of people will do anything to ruin Killzone 2. They will post bad reviews citing problems that don't effect the gameplay. They will continue to write stories about the PS3 and SONY failing. It's sad gaming has come to this. It's sad that Microsoft has helped create this monster. Years ago gamers who owned Genesis didn't hope for the downfall of Mario or vice versa. A gamer loves game despite the console.

Jink3412d ago

What?, that the same with GeOW. GeOW was never as good as the first Halo experience, and GeOW got treated like a God-idle on its first day. I'm mean, people that played XB didn't even did something like that for Halo. And Halo was so much better. What's wrong with these people? *sniff, sniff* Oh, it smells like FANBOYISM.
Gears of war is built upon pure fanboyism. And its sad that THE true saviour of the XBox back then, Halo, didn't got treated like that. XB360 newbies should be ashamed. Back stabbers.

Now, the thing about KillZone2 is that is a war game, and most (if not, all) of XB360 newbies like (love) war based games. So there might be a few (or many) XB360 players that might (will) not miss the experience that KZ2 might (will) bring. Specially if the online multi-player turns out to be good and fun, since it is already FREE.

So that's what I believe. XB360 players will take a closer look at KZ2, play it, and if liked, they'll buy it along with a PS3 (that will be cheaper very soon).

I was one that bough an XBox just to play the first Halo, it was the only XBox title that interested me. I played it for 8 hrs. straight in the first day I saw it on GameStop years ago. But then, that magic just didn't progressed.

But now I'm looking forward to NinjaBlade, that might be my reason to buy an XB360, looks decent in game-play although the developers said that is not going to be hard to beat.

Master_Animator3411d ago

Can XBOX360 users seriously rely on one game to keep their console of choice in the running?

PS3 has way more AAA exclusives coming out this year. What is this guy talking about?

sretlaw3411d ago

It will save the PS3 like Halo saved the...oh wait...PS3 doesn't need saving.

Dark General3411d ago

I wholeheartidly agree with the point about marketing games he mentions in the article. A simple 3 second clip of a game won't cut it when it comes to raising awareness for consumers. People know the Ps3 is there, but people don't exactly know about the games it has unless someone with a Ps3 tells them about some games. That's one thing MS and Ninty does right, they market the hell out of their games and raise consumer awareness alot.

Now as for "a platform where games can't shine on" that i don't agree with. Since when did "700,000" ANYTHING mean only a "little". Besides you obviously forgo to mention that is only NA numbers. Not global sales. If you want to look at things from that big of a perspective don't trim it to just "NA". Like my father said "If you're going to go, go all the way".

zer0man13411d ago

Writing intentionally inflammatory articles for the purpose of generating hits is lame. Step your game up.

thesummerofgeorge3411d ago

The weekly obligatory "Ps3 is dying" article..... Garbage.

madpuppy3411d ago

From what? Articles that talk bad about Sony? People that are fans of the 360 smugly believing anything someone on the internet says that puts the PS3 in a bad light?

How is Killzone 2 going to do anything besides make non-PS3 owners into green eyed monsters?

Mini Mario3411d ago

"halo haters exist in every forum waiting for something wrong in halo to bash upon. thats just to give u a small idea of how much people hate halo apart from the people playing it. "

I think people dont actually hate halo, i think they hate that its not on their system of choice.

When it was the mega drive and super nes battling it out i had the super nes. And being ten and not being able to afford more than one console i used to rag on sonic (even though i knew it was an awesome game). But like i said i was ten with a 5 dollar a week alowance,..i dont know what some of these other peoples excuse is tho.

mastiffchild3411d ago

It may make them laugh as it's yet another sad attempt to suggest a console that's doing better than it's MS counterpart after the same time(and not having had a year to itself)actually needs saving. From what does it need saving? The tiny unworkable 20million (and growing AND expecting the big price cut(yes it's been keeping pace with the 360 at $400 so what then?))install base that enjoy the best exclusives in console gaming(as well as 90% of the 360's games on PCorPS3)?
Or are Sony and the PS3 in need of saving because they promised to rule the world by their second years end? no they always thought longer term than that and Killzone2doesn't shine on PS3? That's like saying the visuals of Gears2 are PS1 level innit? Killzone2 is an incredible game(not knocking the great Gears2 either)but NOBODY thinks it's gonna save the PS3, The World or cure cancer or make pandas pregnabt more easily.
The PS3 doesn't need saving and despite the Wiis huge lead and the fact that the (apparently dead) PS3 is doing as well after two years neither does the 360 ddly enough. What a comple and utter nugget. Non story not worth getting upset about for anybody when you have to wonder if the author actually deserves our sympathy and/or help.

jammy_703411d ago

can not many good games in 09 save 360?

and hasnt mgs4 sold nearly 5 million lol!!!

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xaphanze3412d ago

There's nothing to save anyway. PS3 rocks and KZ2 will own. I'm not worried about online games this year because this will keep me busy for ages.

Masta_fro3412d ago (Edited 3412d ago )

why do i have to see these articles over and over again? Jesus Christ its a console not a fukn person!

just be done with it fanboys!

Let us normal folks Be..

solidjun53412d ago

...saving the PS3 articles.

meepmoopmeep3412d ago

i didn't know it needed saving...

Violater3412d ago

Will not save your jobs.

cl63AMG3412d ago

it had been 24 hours, we were overdue...

solidjun53412d ago

good point on that one man. +1

Consoldtobots3412d ago

let me elaborate:

baseless articles will not win this generation for the console you happen to be a fanboy of.

Homicide3412d ago

It's in last place and losing money.

cpt_kaos3412d ago (Edited 3412d ago )

LOL yeah well I'm still having hell of a better time on my ps3 , still thrashing WarHawk which is the best balanced online game and damn my ps3 is already passing the 4 360's life span that I had and oh saving geeze we already no the 360 is in critical condition on life support in someones living room or repair shop.... oh no we lost another one (RROD) send my condolences to the family. ;)

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blackboyunltd3412d ago

from what I understand, if your 3rd place in a 3 person race, you need to be saved

Primetimebt3412d ago

When it was at a $150 above the 360 wasn't it the 360 that needed saving? When prices are even one other won't the true console that needs saving will show it face?

The Lazy One3412d ago

if the last place guy in nascar has the best lap time on one lap, the other drivers should be worried.

Rhythmattic3412d ago

But over the finish line is where it counts.... This aint a sprint.

Sarcasm3412d ago

"But over the finish line is where it counts.... "

That'd be right IF there was a finish line. There isn't.

raptorjacob3412d ago

Ps3 is only in last place because the 360 got a head start...the finish line is in 10 years

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byeGollum3412d ago (Edited 3412d ago )

but all i know is the ps3 doesn't need savin'

Edit: its funny how ppl approve negative ps3 news much faster than the positive ones. Just LOL