Where Is 3D Gaming? It's Not Where, It's When.

Loot Ninja writes:

"We know it's coming eventually, it's really just a matter of how soon and who it will be that does it. We are privileged every so often to see a 3D movie, and soon 3D commercials on television. All you need is to pick up those goofy 3D glasses and BAM, 3D (maybe it's a bit more technical than that but you see what I mean). With the next generation-super-systems must come the next generation of graphics, controls, games, genres, and anything else that has been created or improved throughout the course of video game history, and I think 3D graphics is definitely a way they can and will go.

At Sony's CES keynote, Howard Stringer discussed and showed a brief snippet of their efforts in 3D gaming."

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drunkpandas3623d ago

As long as I don't have to wear some huge helmet, I think 3D gaming is going to be cool.

hay3623d ago

How about buying thousands of bucks worth 3D tv?

drunkpandas3623d ago

I don't think a 3D TV will be necessary. Any TV now is capable of displaying a 3D coded image, it's just a matter of having 3D glasses to interpolate that image to your eyes/brain.

hay3623d ago

I think so and I surely hope so too. But there are divided opinions on this topic. If companies would like to squeeze some more cash from it they can make it display-dependant.
But on the other side there are ordinary 3D DVD movies with anachromic glasses(red/cyan) to watch.

greyishfox3623d ago

Developers haven't made the most HD technology yet. If 3D adds to gameplay then ok, but otherwise I don't have much of a need for it.

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Sony innovates like always and MS is buying the idea as we speak .

NaiNaiNai3623d ago (Edited 3623d ago )

sony, M$, and nintendo all do it.

anyways, all current gen consoles can do this, heck even last gen could do it, all it involves is having two camera angles in the game constantly switching between the two, over and over, its not hard, it just never been worth the effort.


yep hay is right new tv will be needed with the current technique which is why its not already here this will hopefully change tho as i would love 3d games but only just got a hdtv

fiercescuba3623d ago

They show movies on HDTV in 3D all the time. My kids watch Disney HD movies with those glasses on.

hay3623d ago

Dude, I hope I'm not right in my first post :D

Rip-Ridah3623d ago

Can you imagine playing Resident Evil with this technology? As the dog jumps through the window, it is jumping out of your tv screen at you!! That scared me in pixelated 2D back in 1996, imagine it now in 3D with todays graphics and visuals!! This technology is truly revolutionary for videogaming and can change things dramatically in making our favorite pastime into a legitimate mainstream form of entertainment. Maybe those crack lawyers won't come after the industry like rabid dogs jumping through windows...(pun intended).