Second Life : Italian girl lives her dream of being a prostitute

Palela Anderson always wanted to be a prostitute . But it didn't really worked out in real life so she tried it in Second Life. Since 3 years palela has the job of an upscale escort in the virtual world of Second Life.

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Panthers3626d ago

You know your a failure when you cant even succeed at being a prostitute in the real world so you have to resort to SL. LOL

IcarusOne3626d ago

And more to do with her family, who would probably disown and ostracize her.

You go girl. Dream chaser.

"That ship over there controls the ripping and tumbling process. We call it a Ripper."
"Why not a tumbler?"
"Because it doesn't make drinks."

rockleex3626d ago

There's a reason why "she" couldn't become a prostitute in real life.

*hint: look carefully at the quotations*

Tarasque3626d ago

That chick virtually gave my dood the clap..............

mega BIG time3626d ago

so you guys found my interview

rroded3626d ago

" But the big question is if Palela really is a women or if she is just a guy living his dream of beeing of a women"



you kow shes gotta be hott all the time if this is true

No Way3626d ago (Edited 3626d ago )

That's not even nice.. =(
That game was soooooo upsetting. =(

Jake Delhomme is the only reason for their loss.. 5 picks & a fumble, seriously?
I wouldn't be surprised if the Panthers pick up another QB after that performance. Jake can be a good QB but after a game like that, come on..

Anyway, on topic:
That's kinda low, but making $10 bucks a night on second life.. sign me up! =)

hippo243626d ago (Edited 3626d ago )

There is a reason she couldn't become a prostitute...(hint: its between her crotch.)

griff23626d ago

Yees, actually no. In real life you're a fat cake eater.

cereal_killa3625d ago

No Way

Well atleast your team made it to the play offs just look at Detroit with there perfect season and didn't even make get a wild card spot! I Kid.

On topic!

I'm sorry but I find it funny that people resort to using real prostitutes for sex but truly find it pathetic that people would pay for virtual sex I mean if your paying some cam site a monthly fee your at least seeing a real woman get naked but in a world that you don't even know it s a woman (people do it all the time)is truly a laugh and a half.

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Beowulf283626d ago

Is it healthy to grow up wanting to be a prostitute??

dragunrising3626d ago

I don't think so personally. The day parents start encouraging their children to be prostitutes is the day the world ends...

IcarusOne3626d ago

The world needs everyone. Even assholes.

dylandurden3626d ago

It's better than grow up wanting to be a soldier. For instance.

Death3626d ago

There is more to being a soldier than going out and shooting at the enemy. Soldiers perform search and rescue missions, they escort convoys supplying aid to other countries and believe it or not serving in the military can make you become a much stronger individual both physically and mentally by making you face challenges you would not normally take. All this can happen during peace times where they don't need to shoot at someone. Life is much bigger than your preconceived notions.


Qdog3626d ago (Edited 3626d ago )

As you are entitled to your opinion, and I fought, lost alot of friends, and was ultimately wounded in combat, for the idea that I was supporting your ability to have those rights, it wouldnt be fair to my fallen brothers and sisters if I came on here and insulted you for exersizing your ability to have your own opinion. However, when we serve, we dont judge those that dont, and the same is expected. See, there is something here in this army, that you find less and less of in the outside world(and it's evident), respect, honor, and integrity. I am disappointed that you would believe that good soldiering is a bad, or morally unacceptable career. Please I ask you, not to knock it before you try it. I am 24 years old, but I've been places, seen things, and done things that 80 year old men on their deathbed, have never been to, seen, or done. As a result, I have an incredible amount of insight, retrospect, and wisdom. I attribute it to my soldiering. I was lethally wounded, and died(for a short time) in another country(just too stupid to give up for good), for the ideal of helping a people, that are bound, and beaten to death by tyranny. We did not go to Afghanistan to shoot people, but to protect and serve our brothers in the East, while they establish an economy, and put an end to tribal slaughters. I lost alot of good friends, and excellent soldiers over there, and I ask that you save your judgement about soldiers, and please dont dishonor the fallen...

ReBurn3626d ago

IcarusOne is my new personal hero for that remark. Bubbles for you, my friend!

thats_just_prime3626d ago

It some what depends on what part of the world you live in. In american no I wouldnt think so but its illegal here and they are social outcast. In other countries they have different views about hookers and its not illegal in all places either. So it might not be so uncommon to want to be one in those countries.

Halochampian3626d ago

The world did not need people like Hitler.


Very Ignorant thing for you to say.

Highatus3625d ago (Edited 3625d ago )

Dylan your right to freedom has apparently gotten to your head. Time to maybe go over your life and rethink your moral values a bit more before commenting on something such as you did.

How Death and Qdog are getting disagrees,just shows the immature nature of some of the people on this site, grow up and grab a f'n brain.

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Alcon3626d ago

I hope her customers use some protection (...firewall...) ;)

caffman3626d ago

to make it more interesting!

joeyda3626d ago

What a Home wrecker...

see what I did there?

y0haN3626d ago

A girl WITHOUT a penis on Home?

rockleex3626d ago

But halfway through, she'll say "ITS A TRAP!!!"

Then her avatar changes into a Quincy!!! XD

*search "PS Home Quincy" in Google if you don't know what Quincying is*

Mukiwa3626d ago (Edited 3626d ago )

Hahaha dude I just looked up Quincying, hilarious!

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demoneyeslaharl3626d ago

I'm with 1 here... how the hell does a girl fail to become a prostitue? How terrible must her looks be irl?

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