Gears of War 2 Flashback Map Pack Now Available for Purchase

Did you buy Gears of War 2 used? Were you disappointed that you didn't get the code to download the free map pack? Well, now you can purchase the Flashback Map Pack through the XBLM.

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Blaze9293421d ago

...not. we knew this would happen

CommonSense3421d ago

don't support epic til they fix the 4 million glitches that still exist in gears 2. glitches that have existed since gears 1. glitches they promised they were fixing. glitches that are now actually WORSE. screw epic

BRG90003421d ago (Edited 3421d ago )

Well, it's sort of a surprise since they did say these would be available exclusively though the code in the game. muses that it might be available as an error and be removed soon.

More likely, they realized it hasn't kept people from buying used copies of the game, and have decided they might as well try to get $5 out of those people. It might mean more drastic measures in future Epic games... wasn't Epic the one with a developer tossing out the hypothetical idea of needing a code included with a sealed copy to download the end of a game?

Bnet3433421d ago

I'm glad. If you buy used games your a dumbass tool for doing so. Now I can sit here and laugh at you morons who support Gamestop and not the game companies themselves.

jaysquared3421d ago (Edited 3421d ago )

So $5(400 points) for 5 maps but they charge $10(800 points) for the other map pack which has 3 maps? WTF?

ambientFLIER3421d ago

More likely they knew about selling this map pack well in advance, and denied it to get people to buy the game new. This way you get new sales, AND the extra $5 from those who bought used.

boodybandit3421d ago (Edited 3421d ago )

it does kind of feel like a kick in the teeth. Gears of War 2 is so broken online and yet they are releasing map packs for money but not addressing the existing issues? The last patch help some with matchmaking but there are still so many bugs, glitches, balance issues, net code problems, etc. This game should've have never been released with these many issues.

Don't they care at all where they rank on XBL's most played list? If this game wasn't so broken I have no doubts it would be on top. A lot of my friends have already traded or sold their copies and are vowing not to purchase the next installment. I will be joining them shortly because my patience is wearing thin as well and news like this doesn't help.

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Th3 Chr0nic3421d ago

Yay i got ripped off with no code in my copy but now i can go pay for it......EPIC FAIL (seriously)

mariusmal3421d ago

yup mine didnt bring a code and it was sealed. and now i need to pay extra ? dream on epic. btw i don't really care cause i already stopped playing it.

terrandragon3421d ago

You guys could have just asked the store or something...

mariusmal3421d ago

wow.. thx captain obvious ehehe. i did. they said the game was sealed and it wasnt their problem. he opened one more game and no code too. they sent me to microsoft. then again after 4 hours on the telephone i quit... i didnt really liked gears 2 online.

bviperz3421d ago (Edited 3421d ago )

Seriously? No, I'm not trying to start a riot, but come on. What's better than making money? Making more money.

mariusmal3421d ago

Lord bviperz

yeah for epic the thing that's it's better than making money is.....making money and spiting in gamers face.

bviperz3421d ago

That's the way it goes. If people will buy it (flaws and all) why fix it. Sad really.

ambientFLIER3421d ago

It's free if you bought the game new, dummy, as you should have.

mariusmal3421d ago (Edited 3421d ago )

first - i bought the game new and sealed from and i didnt got the code. after some complaining they sent my a$$ to epic or microsoft

second - we are talking about something that's wrong in the industry nowadays. not the game itself. i dont really care about gears 2, it a flawed game and hey... you just have to press B to kill 1 or 2 ppl. all noobs can do it :P


yeah if it's flawed and hyped, don't fix it, its an easy buck

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mariusmal3421d ago

hurray epic... keep pissing on your fans. you screwed big time with gears 2 online part and now this ? keep it going.

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