Cheat Happens Review: Left 4 Dead

CH writes: "There's something fundamentally wrong with ninety percent of games on the market.

Of course, developers program their titles to carry out specific functions and act in certain ways – after a brief time in most games, enemies, worlds and even the entire experience itself can be easily telegraphed. When you boil it down, the entire game industry is based on one thing: risk vs. reward – and what's the risk if you know exactly what steps your enemy will take?

Enter Left 4 Dead – Valve's much touted, zombie frag-fest. Each experience of Left 4 Dead is different, from the location of enemies and weapons right down to the mood music and effect, and it's all thanks to a sadistic bastard named "the director." Though not a character per-se, the director system plays as much an integral part in the Left 4 Dead experience as the four survivors or zombies themselves."

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