The Third Most Defining Event of 2008: FFXIII Goes Multiplatform writes: "Square-Enix brought the house down at E3 2008. Final Fantasy XIII was going multi-platform, the second system being Sony's most fearsome rival in the console wars: The Xbox 360. Overnight, stances and alliances were redefined. Xbox 360 fans flamed PS3 fans for their loss of yet another exclusive, while PS3 fans ribbed 360 fans on their previous insults of FFXIII - which had suddenly become a very real choice on their "Must-Play" lists. FFXIII was later dubbed a "timed exclusive". Work would begin on the 360 version only after the PS3 one was released. Regardless, within a few hours, the fanboy wars had been split wide open"

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DragonWarrior465343516d ago (Edited 3516d ago )

Hahaha, I still laugh at that one. Squeenix has yet to prove they can make a 7 gig game on either system. I doubt that FF13 can even be done on the machine. Good luck Squeenix, your gonna need alot of it if you think you can run FF13 on the 360 and still be as good quality as the ps3 version. All the compression techniques in the world can't help FF13 on 4 dvd 9's. Its gonna need at least 5, probably 6. Man I cant wait to see what happens.

pp3516d ago

Greatest time when FFXIII was announced Multiplatform Internet went on a blaze with crying droids and mass suicides hahahahaha hahahahahaha that was great.

Rockstar3516d ago

You've definitely been taken from the shallow end of the gene pool.

Sonyslave33515d ago

hey pp don't forget tekken 6 ahahahahhahah droids was going crazy about tekken 6 going multi too