How to Save the PlayStation 3

Despite winning the last generation, Sony finds itself struggling in the current console wars. This is how GameDaily would turn things around.

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N4360G3643d ago

Another one? LOL,the PS3 doesn't need any saving.It has a solid library of games and more great games like Killzone 2 are coming out next year.Blu-Ray is getting more popular everywhere,and production is getting cheaper.The PS3 is doing just fine.The only thing keeping the PS3 back from selling well is it's pricetag.There are millions of gamers out there waiting for the PS3's pricetag to drop,which SONY will be dropping sometime next year,and SONY are starting to advertise a bit more which helps.

gamesmaster3643d ago (Edited 3643d ago )

the article makes 1 or two good points, but most are pretty mute now.

e.g. the new ps3 console being non backwards compatible! pretty sure the new 80gb models are, although i may be wrong.

and i'm pretty sure the ps3 has more exclusives then i can count on my fingers now, i think they forget that the ps3 launched a year after competition.

Aaron Greenterd3643d ago

Ah yes, another great article by our media affiliate, GameDaily. Hopefully Sony is smart enough to do exactly what GameDaily says, because that is the only way to save the ps3. Trust me, we have done extensive research, so please, Sony, if you are reading this, PLEASE just stop! Your never gonna win so just drop out while you can!

If you don't, they're ALL GONNA LAUGH AT YOU

ps. GameDaily, your check is in the mail...

Peter Griffin3643d ago

ima stay away from this one

Iraq Resistance ROM3643d ago (Edited 3643d ago )

by saving the 360 first? a beast wont be famous if it was the only one in the market, so it should have some competition to kick the **** out of it so the beast will look like a hero!!

@Aaron Greenterd
bubble for u, that made me laugh

chaosatom3643d ago

I couldn't have said it better.

Gamedaily people are money hogs, just like I Imagined.

hitthegspot3643d ago

No backwards compatibility. That's huge. Say what you want, but when you go to ebay and try to get an old 60Gig PS3 your going to pay a premium. People care about that feature and Sony does not want to give up on the money they are making on the PS2. Sony is in need of a wake up call. They need to drop the PS2 and focus on one console and make some big changes in their sales strategies. How about releasing a portable Blu-ray player. How about working on their relationship with Mac and getting them to put a Blu-ray player in a Mac? There are so many things that Sony could do to improve their position in the market place, they just seem to arrogant to do anything.

morganfell3643d ago (Edited 3643d ago )

As soon as someone says price drop you can quit reading. Actually you can quit when they say it needs saving. MS needs to be saved FROM Sony. All of these cover articles won't help.

boodybandit3643d ago (Edited 3643d ago )

another one.
It looks like gamedaily is trying to reach a hit quota before 09.

I keep waiting to see a title like this but have it end up being a spoof article instead of the usual Sony is doomed FUD. Oh well. Nothing to see here.

jadenkorri3643d ago

how many articles can a 360 fanboy write before he loses his virginity, well the articles keep coming, so obviously the other is not gonna happen as these retarded articles keep coming...

NicCageMYHero3643d ago

Suggesting ways that the PS3 can improve does not show that Gamedaily are 360 fanboys. I just bought a PS3 and I am pumped about what it can do now and what it will do in the future, but any time a company can improve their product, that's good right? Example, if multiple websites, fans, etc. continue to bring up the downloadable PS2 games, maybe Sony will give in. I think that a little bit of fanboyism is good for gaming but an article suggesting that improvements can be made does not need to be torn apart. Neither my 360 nor my PS3 are perfect.

CrazzyMan3643d ago (Edited 3643d ago )

Looks like, not completely yet,
AND that is after reaching ONE of MAIN PS3 goals - BLU-RAY SUCCESS. :)
Even as GAMING console this YEAR - PS3 is a SUCCESS.
In terms of sales, it will be a success after reaching 299$ price in 2009. =)
PS3 FTW! ;)

OuterHaven3643d ago

Seriously how does Bloodmask keep getting away with this? His articles are flame bait at best.

Oner3643d ago

And he has a tendency to report others for the same thing...

SonyOwnsNextYear3643d ago

just "jump in" a acid pit. reality is far too much for you to bear.

BigBaehr3643d ago

@Oner - Bloodmask reports any news that isn't his or how else would he have dominion over N4G.

*On Topic - WTF happens when Sony finally does drop the price...I'm gonna feel bad for these guys./sarcasm

cherrypie3643d ago (Edited 3643d ago )

Add "GameDaily" to the long list of News Outlets that N4G's SDF believe are part of a vast "anti-PS3 conspiracy".

They're out to get the PS3!!1one!1!

JD_Shadow3643d ago

Thanks for listing all the media whore houses for us, man. Couldn't have done it any better myself.

PopEmUp3643d ago

GameDaily that nuff said

Saigon3643d ago

or everything they are saying is already in work or complete...

jammy_703643d ago

will boost ps3 a lot!

and then 360 will need saving!

Yipee Bog3643d ago

a backwards compatible 60 gb and if it didnt have that i would be so..... unaffected. Honestly, the only ps2 games that still get play from me are the god of war games that's it. I bought a ps3 to play ps3 games, watch some movies and meet some new buddies. Not to play old games, that's why i still have my ps2 handy. Back compat is very minuscule, if someone bought a ps3 to play ps2 games on, then they are an idiot.

jadenkorri3642d ago (Edited 3642d ago )

well when you own over 100 ps2 games, i really don't like having too many consoles setup, im at limit now with the wii, ps3, and 360 setup, if someone else enters the console race, im screwed...
And yes buying a ps3 for backward combatibility for that reason only would be retarded and i would call the person an idiot, however it is a major + to getting the console..

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littletad3643d ago

They never take anything seriously and their articles are usually a joke. But this one is actually a little decent, but still crappy. I only agree with reason 6, bc has to come back to the ps3 in some form. But everything else is kinda lame, most of it is implying for Sony to take a "clue" from the 360. I'd prefer if Sony did it's own thing.

Ju3643d ago

It doesn't "have to come back", IMO. But it could be a huge benefit. Not just for people wanting to play PS2 games on the PS3, but it'll open the world of PS2 game downloads through PSN. That would be awesome, and a key market advantage.

Darkseider3643d ago

Another useless article from Gamedaily!

yoghurt3643d ago