GamingHeaven: Game of the Year 2008 Awards

It doesnt happen very often that we get great releases for pretty much every genre in the same year, let alone several representatives for each. Matter of fact, Gaming Heaven cant remember a year this good across the board at all.

But that doesnt mean there werent disappointments along the road. The long awaited Brothers in Arms ended up being just slightly better than average while Clear Sky still wasnt as bug free as they would have hoped. They saw less innovation across the board this year, with only rare jewels straying far enough from the masses to truly stand out.

2008 was also the year when the console wars finally settled down with no clear winner apparent. The PS3 and Xbox 360 both seem to be doing equally well. Perhaps the biggest disappointment in this area is Playstation Home, which seems to move further and further away with each passing month. At least they got to see the new Live! Experience which although a clear clone of the Wii design philosophy is still a major step forward for the Xbox 360 interface.

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