HH: ASUS N10Jc, A Performance Netbook review


"In a market where nearly every single product is built on the same Intel Atom platform, it's hard to distinguish yourself from the competition. The ASUS notebook team has managed to do this with the N10 by offering up a slew of hardware features and an excellent warranty, all of which are unique to the N10 at the time of original product release a few weeks ago. The N10 brings several interesting ideas to the netbook market that will interest nearly every category of user. Gamers may find ultra-portable gaming reality in the N10, while business users will certainly appreciate the comprehensive warranty and security features. Everyone will enjoy the incredible convenience of the instant-boot Express-Gate feature. Overall there is something to like for just about everyone in the N10 and it's worth a look if you're in the market for a compact notebook."

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