Muslim game characters told to cover up

We probably shouldn't be surprised at this, but it's hard not to ask why a Dubai company has made a version of an online game tailored specially for Muslims.

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Timesplitter143492d ago (Edited 3492d ago )

Let me say this without thinking about any religion in particular :

I despise every single person on Earth who :

- Hates the human body
- Goes against justice and equality
- Are a nuisance to other people because of their own beliefs
- Are selfish
- Want to convert others to their beliefs
- Is a blind conformist

Now if your religion happens to fall in those categories, well I'm sorry but I despise you. It's not because you're from THAT religion, but it's because it goes against my morals (which I think are pretty justified).

Religion shouldn't be an excuse to tolerate those things. If something's evil, it's evil. No matter what.

Religions aren't the truth. If I wanted, I could start a new religion tomorrow saying that Lord Megatron wants us to destroy the world. Would you respect and tolerate my religion? Would you look at me, setting a building on fire, and say ''we must respect their beliefs''? No. Which means every religion must be regarded in the same way because they haven't been proven to be true.

Regret3492d ago

They cover their selfs so you can fall into love with their personality, to not reject them cuz they're not so pretty and it's a protection from rapist, pedos...

Final_Rpg3492d ago

"Let me say this without thinking about any religion in particular : " In a thread about Muslims. Hehe:):):):)

Timesplitter143492d ago

yeah well.... lol... you know what I mean

Handsome_Devil3492d ago

and yes I'm a Saudi as well I do agree with what (Regret)said. and I would love to add one thing as well

why do you people actually care, you really need to keep yourselfs out of every bodys life. I really didn't see anyone who is actually complaining from the women in here.

if you actually cared enough to see what they want, you would just shut up. But in the other hand few years ago france forced women ( specially muslims ) not to cover up. And guess what happened, they all complained about it. it is a believe we have, and we accpeted the way it is.

you guys think we are not actually treating women equally, well guess what yes we don't, we actually give the women more respect more than you do.

just stop thinking your are trying to free the world. Cuz if we talk historaclly, U.S.A just startd freeing itself. For God sake 40 years ago, your country didn't give black people any rights. now in my religon they are as equal as a anyone els for over 1400 years.

and I'm sorry guys for my poor english.

----------------------------- -----------------

now we are in a gaming site, so lets keep it for gaming.

Timesplitter143492d ago

First, I'm not american, and I don't see why that would matter since not everyone in a country thinks the same.

Now let me talk about everything you mentionned and tell you why I disagree :

Why do I care? Well it's because YOU are getting in everybody's lives. You try to teach girls, starting at a very young age, that their bodies are some sort of devilish thing and that they must hide it. And they start to believe it. Either that or they are too afraid of what their communities will think of them if they say how they feel about it.

Imagine a girl that was raised without religion. Do you think she will just naturally hide herself like that? The answer is no. Because it's not NORMAL to do so. Because she doesn't want to do it.

I just have a furious anger toward anyone who exploits children like that. People who take advantage of their innocence to make them believe what they want. It's just wrong.

And I don't see how you respect them more than we do. I need some clarifications about that.

Also, I don't care what my country does, what my religion does or whatever. The only thing that matters is what I think. What YOU think. There are murderers in my country. There are murderers among the agnostics and among the muslims. Does that mean I'm a murderer too? No.

Handsome_Devil3492d ago


thats just you talking, now if I may ask you to read about Islam first then come tell me what do you think about it. and the ideas islam give for women.

Second in an early age for women ( children ) they don't cover up, from where did you get that stupid idea.

Let me throw a wild guess, FOX news ??

Timesplitter143492d ago (Edited 3492d ago )

Oh no not FOX news. We probably share the same hatred for that pile of garbage.

But what I'm saying is that girls are told that they WILL get to cover up and it will be ''normal''. That's what's revolting.

I'm one of those people who will never read something if I know it'll say what I want to hear. I won't read a book on agnosticism or atheism. I'm already convinced. Instead, I'll sit down and read portions of the Bible and Quran to see if I was right to think this way.

I read parts of the Quran. I still haven't read about women, but I can tell you one thing : Just like the Bible, it's full of texts saying how it's ''fun'' and honorable to obey and serve. What I saw wasn't enlightment ; it was brainwashing.

Just to give you an example, there was a word from the editor before the real texts began. Here's what it said (roughly) :

''I wish to thank my teacher ________________ who often beat me so I could study the sacred texts.''

When I read that.... I was simply furious.

Will_Smith3492d ago (Edited 3492d ago )

People like Timesplitter annoy me...

you know the whole "Internet-Atheist-Rebel-W ho-Thinks-Everyone-Is-Shoving-T heir-Believes-Down-His-Throat-W hen-He-Fails-To-Realize-He's-Do ing-The-Same"

Religion isn't all bad dumbas$... They have soup kitchens for the poor, Missionaries to 3rd world Countries, Orphanages for the abandoned kids and a Church where people feel like they are not alone in this world when everything goes wrong.

but let me guess... lets focus on the bad stuff, on how they are brainwashing you, and how you and your new internet atheist buddy's must fight the good fight
............................. ........................

and so you know, im an atheist but unlike you im more tolerant and not militant. close minded fcuks like yourself can go... well... fcuk themselves. A great atheist once thought like you, if you didn't know, they called him Adolf Hitler.

Timesplitter143492d ago (Edited 3492d ago )

Please point me the part where I said everything about religion was bad.

The topic here is the condition of Islamic women. Why would I go talking about christian orphanages?

And let me tell you what open-minded means : Being open-minded doesn't mean you have to accept everything. If that was the case, an open-minded person would accept and respect murder. Right? Which means an open-minded person is someone who will accept to THINK EQUALLY about every proposition and judge if they're right or wrong.

Which means... if I see a religion doing bad things, I won't accept those bad things, and that's exactly what I'm doing here.

And about that Adolf Hitler thing... that was just... weak. Atheists don't have a ''common belief''. It's every man for himslef.

Will_Smith3492d ago

I have islamic friends, as i live in New York City and its common, and you are not only blind but you yourself contradict everything you hate about Islam

- Are a nuisance to other people because of their own beliefs
- Are selfish
- Want to convert others to their beliefs
- Is a blind conformist

the only difference is that you are just a bigot. plain and simple. Which makes me think that you DONT hate Islam for their believes, you just hate it because its the "cool thing"

Timesplitter143492d ago (Edited 3492d ago )

- Are a nuisance to other people because of their own beliefs

Am I being a nuisance here? I'm criticizing. It's not like I'm forcing anyone to do anything

- Are selfish


- Want to convert others to their beliefs

I want to prevent them from harming others. That's different. I didn't tell anybody to start becoming agnostics.

- Is a blind conformist

considering impartial agnostics are a very low minority and that I'm surrounded by religious people in my family and friends, I wouldn't say that.

- Are a bigot

If I was a bigot, I wouldn't be reading the Bible and Quran to learn more about those religions.

Oh and I wish to remind you that the ''cool thing'' right now is to be ''open-minded'' in the ''let's accept every religion'' way

By the way, Handsome_Devil had this to add to my ''teachers beating students'' comment (he's run out of bubbles so he PM'd me) :

''that again is tradition not religion, and for about 10 years now, teachers are not allowed to beat student. And if they did something wrong they report them to their families.

And by wrong I mean disrespect a race, some one family or say bad words.... its from this catagory.''

Will_Smith3492d ago

Honestly fighting about this sh*t online is over-rated and old. No one will ever conceed to the others opinions because thats what it all comes down to... FREE WILL

Islamic people will continue to believe anything and everything they choose to. INCLUDING how they raise THEIR children.

and you will do the exact same thing, because we are allowed to.

John Lennon's song "Imagine" said that the world would be better off without religion NOT because of what it teaches you, but because there will always be a conflict of interest, no matter what side of this bickering war you are on

Spydiggity3492d ago

anyone who moderately understands history knows that religion has been used to conform the masses.
anyone who moderately understands mythology knows that all modern religion is just plagiarized versions of ancient religions which we now, today, call myths.

EDIT: here, this will help get you started. (the religion part starts at 11:30 but you should watch the whole thing)

wake up people! life is not about serving your selfish needs to secure your position in the after life. it's about the NOW.

darkgunner3492d ago (Edited 3492d ago )


If women are forced to take off the vale things in certain places in other countries, who cares. They came into another country and must follow by their rules. If I was to go into a Muslim religious based country and sat down in the middle of a street with a Bible, what do you think would happen?

Anyway, I know I'm about to get disagrees from this and just so you know, I don't believe in any one religion.

JsonHenry3492d ago

Add this to the ever increasing list of why 99% of the non-muslim world hates their religion.

Jake11113492d ago

If this gets sensored then shame on the mods. This is only stating fact.

It is commical to see that the Muslims on this site do not truly understand their religion and what it calls for for women. Actually maybe it is better they think the opposite...

As for the women the book of Allah is emphatic that they are inferior to men and if they disobey their husbands the latter have the right to beat them (4:34). Their punishment for disobeying their husbands does not end there, because after they die they will go to hell (66:10). The Quran emphasizes the superiority of men by confirming that men have an advantage over the women (2:228). It not only denies women's equal right to their inheritance (4:11-12), it also regards them as imbeciles and decrees that their testimony is not admissible in the court of law unless it is accompanied with the testimony of a man (2:282). This means that a woman who is raped cannot accuse her rapist unless she can produce a male witness. Muhammad allowed the Muslim men to marry up to four wives (although he himself had a score of them) and gave them license to enjoy their "right-hand possessions" (women captured in wars), as many as they can capture or afford to buy (4:3), even if the woman is married before being captured (4:24).

The Quran is alien to freedom of belief and recognizes no other religion but Islam (3:85). It condemns those who do not believe to hellfire (5:10), calls them najis (filthy, untouchable, impure) (9:28), orders the Muslims to fight them until no other religion except Islam is left (2:193), slay or crucify or cut the hands and the feet of the unbelievers and to expel them from the land with disgrace.

As you can see. Women are not treated equal. Mohammed used women like cattle. He also hates non believers as well.


gaffyh3492d ago

@Jake -

4:34 - "Men are the protectors and maintainers of women, because Allah has given the one more (strength) than the other, and because they support them from their means. Therefore the righteous women are devoutly obedient, and guard in (the husband's) absence what Allah would have them guard. As to those women on whose part ye fear disloyalty and ill-conduct, admonish them (first), (next) refuse to share their beds, (and last) beat them (lightly); but if they return to obedience, seek not against them means (of annoyance): for Allah is Most High, Great (above you all). "

beat them (lightly) - means using a small twig, and hitting on their hands. But even the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said himself - that those who beat their wives are not the best of the Muslims, meaning it is not encouraged in anyway and he did not himself ever harm his wives.

66:10 - "Allah sets forth, for an example to the Unbelievers, the wife of Noah and the wife of Lut: they were (respectively) under two of Our righteous servants but they were false to their (husbands), and they profited nothing before Allah on their account, but were told: "Enter ye the Fire along with (others) that enter!""

^Also the same story in Christian belief I think, I dunno about Jewish belief. This ayah (verse) talks about previous generation to encourage obedience to your husband, but obviously if what he tells you is wrong then women have a mind of their own.

I could actually refute every argument you have given, but I can't be bothered because you will not listen. And NO I'm not trying to convert you, but because of people like you, others have the wrong idea about Islam. Just read a book called Women in Islam.

And this...

"As you can see. Women are not treated equal. Mohammed used women like cattle. He also hates non believers as well. "

Mohammad (PBUH) did treat women like equals, in fact Islam gave more rights to women before any other culture and religion, his first wife owned her own business. He didn't hate non-believers, Jews and Christians were considered part of the Muslim "Ummah" (community) for many many years, but after several attempts on the Prophet's life he had to reclassify this to include just Muslims. He even went to help a Jewish woman that used to throw rubbish at him when he walked through the street, because she was ill and he was worried for her.

The Qur'an does say things about disbelievers, which I'm sure you'll quote soon lol, but when interpreting the Qur'an you need to take into account the context in which EACH ayah was revealed, and what the Prophet's hadith about these ayahs. These specific ayahs ordering Muslims to kill the disbelievers were revealed during times of War. Meaning they are only applicable when and where there is war, not at all times.

InMyOpinion3492d ago

Lord Megatron is the new Jesus.

Timesplitter143492d ago

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger Jesus

Jeromejones3492d ago (Edited 3492d ago )

gaffyh for clearing that up. In this day and age muslims are being singled out and criticised for many things unfairly.
If Joseph fritzl for example was a muslim, it wouldnt be about how evil he was to lock up and abuse his children, but about how islamic teachings supposedly made him carry out such actions and how the majority of muslims do such things. After all these online rebuttals i make on youtube etc, i think now, why bother! These people who speak in such a vulgur manner to insult us, are only showing themselves to be the evil ones and are ignorant and pathetic. IT wouldnt be beneficial for us even if these people were on our side because they carry those backward ignorant views.
Basically if a rapist called you a bastard, would you take his word to heart. So just let these people whine and suffer because it is their own doing.

Anyway Salamuallaekum.

Jecht3492d ago


Alvadr3492d ago (Edited 3492d ago )


Jake11113492d ago

"beat them (lightly) - means using a small twig, and hitting on their hands."

First of all.. How do you BEAT someone lightly? And if your prophet was so loving why did he state this at all towards woman??

Why wouldnt this "loving" man say "Woman are gold. They create life with you. Do not ever harm a woman in no circumstance. Love is what will show mutual respect".

Why BEAT them??? At all. And how do you BEAT a woman with a twig? This is the problem with Muslims. They justify their unholy book with twisting of words...

Sad my friend.

Also, there are HUNDREDS of unholy calls for violence in the Quran. All one has to do is search these verses themselves.

Mohammed was a man who lusted for power. The best/easiest way to gain power and followers in 600 AD was to claim you were a prophet. He massed a large group of followers and with his new found power he raided, pillaged, murdered and became a despot who lusted for sex.


TheDude2dot03492d ago

"- Hates the human body

- Goes against justice and equality
- Are a nuisance to other people because of their own beliefs
- Are selfish
- Want to convert others to their beliefs

- Is a blind conformist"

Looks like you are in four of those categories. Do you hate yourself too?

The Killer3492d ago

u need to learn more about islam

the women have to cover their body because they r beautiful and men always obsessed with beautiful women, and when they see almost complete naked women in the beaches or even in the malls and street they start to have the perversion thinking of women and start to look at them like objects not like human beings.

u see in humans there is to instincts, one is the animal and the other is the spiritual and moral, if we dont use our morals we tent to use our animal instincts, Allah gave us books and finally the perfect book the quran so that we control our animal instinct and act as a HUMAN beings and worship him and only him!

u know am fed up of seeing women in gaming or fighting game having big breast and half naked, and with every new sequence the boobs get bigger and they get more naked!! whats that? is that gaming or a s*x show? if i want a s*x show i can get porn movie or something but when i want to play i want to have fun and enjoy my time like a small kid, u see thats why wii is kicking the ars of everybody because thats what they did!!

and to all atheist, u must watch this short video

the quran talked about the big bang 1400 years ago
the quran talked about the earth is a sphere not flat
the quran talked about that everything was made from water
the quran talked about that everything was made of males and females including the plants
the quran talked about the sun is rotating on it own orbit
the quran talked about the earth,moon all rotating in their ow axis
the quran talked about the light of the mood is a borrowed(reflected) light from the sun
the quran talked about the universe is expanding, we all knew about these much later, mostly in the last century.

to all atheist tell me who could have known all this 1400 years ago?? if someone can answer me and convince me its not god i will be an atheist.

Timesplitter143492d ago (Edited 3492d ago )

Well if we're all perverts, I don't believe it's a good reason to make THEM suffer.

If you can't control yourself, castrate yourself or I dunno, but NEVER EVER make others suffer for YOUR mistakes. That's what I believe in.

I'm also tired of seeing hyper-sexualized women in the medias, but that's a problem us men have to fix, because it's OUR fault. Not theirs. We must not start controlling women even more by hiding them. People are irresponsible and it's the sad truth.

And no matter how many times I watch that video you just sent me (even though I agree with many parts. Especially when he says why he congratulate atheists), the same problems remain :

- I don't accept to worship a tyrant. If god was good, he wouldn't want to be worshipped.

- I don't do stuff because someone told me to do it. I do it because I thought about it on my own.

- As far as I know, it's a fact that muslim women need to cover up. I don't accept that.

- Not everything is made from water.

- The greeks, mayas and egyptians have proposed simmilar theories (about the universe). Especially the Mayas, and they were ''disconnected'' from the rest of the world, which proves there was a way of finding this out.

There goes my last bubble. I really enjoyed this debate.

paul-p19883491d ago

im an atheist, so therefore dont believe in any religion, but if Megatron told me to do something, i would dam well do it!! haha

'Megatron says blow up cute puppies' 'YES SIR!!!' hehe

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Timesplitter143492d ago (Edited 3492d ago )

Religion is an all-in-one pre-packaged option for lazy conformist people.

Keele3492d ago

Doesn't change that Atheism is still a fad.

Timesplitter143492d ago

Atheism is a logical conclusion, or should I say agnosticism is. Depends on your definitions

Harry1903492d ago

I must admit that it is a fad. It's true. I consider myself a true atheist since I have logically delved into the matter and found my own answers concerning my spirituality but there are many many other people out there who are following this route simply because it is trendy amongst middle and upper middle classes with a distorted sense of reality and unavowed lack of intellect and time. They don't put much thought in it.

Timesplitter143492d ago

Wouldn't religion be more of a fad, then?

How many people follow religions because it's trendy? 99%

Will_Smith3492d ago

who joins a religion for a fad?? what gets you more "cool" points.

Line 1: Hey Guys I Just Joined My Local Church Group We Are Going To The Elderly Home To Read Them and Talk To Them, Wanna Join?


Line 2: Hey Guys, Isn't Religion Bullshit! They Brainwash So Many Idiots... They Are So Close Minded and We Are So Much Smarter.

.... yeah, point proven

Timesplitter143492d ago

people join religions because it's the norm.

The main reason why I believe this is that people from the same countries usually have the same religions. So they just pick the religion from their country and that's that. They wanna fit into the group.

Will_Smith3492d ago

oh yeah and this "new" Atheism is real rebel... grow up kid. Religion is to each his own. When you are older you'll see what i mean.

and if you ARE older... then... well.... try to move outta moms house and go see the world for what it really is

Magic_The_Celt3492d ago


Atheism is not a fad, atheism is a modern realization of how the world works and why we are here, it is the correct answer to the big question.

Religion, is a myth. believing in god is like being an adult and saying you still believe in santa clause. time to grow up.

Timesplitter143492d ago

Ok now you're trying to act like the butthurt kid who wants to look more mature by saying ''grow up''.

What I said was this : People from same countries have the same religions. So basically it means that they just pick it to fit into the group.

How is that a childish or biased or stupid argument?

''Religion is to each his own.'' Yeah absolutely. The choice to become a murderer and a rapist is to each his own too. The problem is that you see religion as something ''superior''. Something that you can't criticize like a normal belief. And I believe you're wrong

dukadork3492d ago

making a total @ss of himself on n4g with hilarious statements about stuff he don't know sh!t about

why don't you stick to stupid statements about the console war?
it suits your avatar much better


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JewyMcJew3492d ago

Handsome_Devil, Do you HONESTLY believe that forbidding Saudi women from driving or even leaving their own home without permission from their husbands / male children is "respect"? Most non-Muslims would call that "slavery".

And Regret, if women have to dress up as ninjas to avoid getting raped, than there is something horribly wrong with your men!

(I swear, sometimes I think I am taking crazy pills)

snipermk03492d ago

Well, fact be told.. It was Islam that first introduced rights to women. If you go through the history of Islam (which I did in my high-school), Islam was the first religion to grant women right to property 1400 years ago. And it also granted them the right to stand as a political figure. Besides, don't take Saudi as an "example" for muslims. Cos that's like painting the US as an example of Christianity. And why should it be wrong to cover oneself? Most nuns cover much more than any muslim female and I don't see them being criticized for it.

Handsome_Devil3492d ago (Edited 3492d ago )

first of all, who the hell told you they don't drive ??

they do drive n small cities, where every one know each other.

the fact you don't know, is why they don't drive in Big cities ?

first this subject is in the communities hand, not the religon it self. as in the religon there is nothing would say " hey women should not drive" in a matter of fact in the prophet time Women even went to war.

but as traditions changed the community in here ( about 60% ) still refuse the idea of women driving. But in the other hand ever single house have a privat driver for their women so when needed they can go to Malls and what so ever.

and saying she can't leave without permission, there is people like this but its ablout 3% of the community,

now before you go ahead and talk about some religon and countries traditions learn about them first, and stop watching to much FOX news.

Timesplitter143492d ago (Edited 3492d ago )

''Most nuns cover much more than any muslim female and I don't see them being criticized for it. ''

Well I criticize them.

What's sad is that many people just criticize Islam because they're Christian fanboys. I believe there's bad in all religions.

JewyMcJew3492d ago

snipermk0, the Prophet's first wife (before he invented Islam) was an extraordinary wealthy business woman. How was that even possible is women did not have rights prior to Islam. (yep, I also read the Quran and some hadiths)

And if Saudi Arabia is not a good example, which self-described Islamic state should be used to illustrate women's rights in Islam?


Odd that so many Islamic states somehow "misinterpred" Islam so consistently.

Look, I am not trying to criticize Muslims, and I do sympathize with all the moderates who must be tired of constantly having to defend their faith.

But I do believe we have to accept Islam for what it is, and not what we want it to be.

Handsome_Devil3492d ago

Well that just make you one of the .0001% who do it for all, not only Islam :)

Handsome_Devil3492d ago

"But I do believe we have to accept Islam for what it is, and not what we want it to be."

now here I agree with you. but if you look at the media in where you are, they still misrepresent the islam so much, Specially in saudi arabia, that made us Saudi think it is targeting us perpusly.

But if some one actually cared about it would read about the religion and learn about it before they go all nuts and fight it.

after all it is a believe and you can't force any one to believe what you like ir want.

JewyMcJew3492d ago (Edited 3492d ago )

Handsome_Devil, I've read the Quran, I've followed Arab and western press, and I never watch Fox News.

Oh.. and I dated an Iranian Muslim for 4 years. If you think I have bad things to say about women's rights in Islam, you should hear the way she describes it.

The Killer3492d ago

so wats the point on bringing ur iranian girl?? for u to know, most of the iranians who goes to the west r mostly atheist and whiny people because they want to live just like europians!

answer me this clever boy

the quran talked about the big bang 1400 years ago
the quran talked about the earth is a sphere not flat
the quran talked about that everything was made from water
the quran talked about that everything was made of males and females including the plants
the quran talked about the sun is rotating on it own orbit
the quran talked about the earth,moon all rotating in their ow axis
the quran talked about the light of the mood is a borrowed(reflected) light from the sun
the quran talked about the universe is expanding, we all knew about these much later, mostly in the last century.

who could have known all this 1400 years ago?? if u can answer me and convince me its not god i will be an atheist.

Spydiggity3492d ago (Edited 3492d ago )

because there's 2 sides. there's logical, rational people who base their beliefs on fact and history. then there's religious people who have to be brainwashed to believe stories that contradict themselves within the same book. religion requires you to base your beliefs on faith, because if you try to look at religious stories as more than just stories copied from more ancient stories, you're completely missing the point. there is nothing factual about these stories, and there is very little historical relevance in these books either.

but the bottom line is, this discussion is pointless because it's an uninformed majority who chooses not to research the validity of modern religion and blindly worships simply because they were raised that way. you can't argue with faith. faith is an argument ender.

all you need to do is read some Egyptian mythology and the parallels become quite obvious. i put a link in the comment above, check it out. you might learn something...'God' forbid.

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demondoor3492d ago

who would want to play a game without smexy ladies in kinky clothing i mean seriously, what are you going to do for 100+ hours except stare at your avatars butt, It might as well be a nice butt with bonus points for revealing leather… =)

snipermk03492d ago

Iranians are not muslims.. Base fact. I thot you'd know that for someone who says he knows a lot about islam.

samura3492d ago

Most of Iranians are shia muslims. get your facts straight.

Bolts3492d ago (Edited 3492d ago )

You're an idiot. Iranians are not Arabs, they're Persians. But they ARE Muslims. Thats like saying Prince Charles is not a Christian just because he isn't Catholic.