Talkxbox review: Midnight Club: Los Angeles

Talk xbox: Acclaimed developer Rockstar is no stranger to changing things around. From taking different approaches with their franchises or a new title (Table Tennis anyone?), it's expected to see noticeable variations with their games. In April, Rockstar took things in a more serious direction with Grand Theft Auto IV and was met with universal acclaim. Now, we're given Midnight Club: Los Angeles, the fourth title in their fairly popular racing series; arriving with a few alterations of its own. Have these modifications brought it to the front of the pack or is it lagging behind the competition?

Midnight Club: Los Angeles places you in the shoes of a newcomer in town hoping to make a name for himself. Upon arrival you're given a choice between three cars from some locals who help you around the racing scene. From there, you race events with a few enemies and allies gained along the way. It's pretty obvious the story is only meant to serve as a bare-bones reason for why you're in Los Angeles and, as with every other racing game out there, it's forgettable at best.

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